Essential Techniques Series

  • Teaching Kitchen at the Davis Food Co-op
    537 G Street
    Davis, CA 95616

Whether you have wanted to learn the basics of cooking or just need a refresher, this series is for you. Join us in the Teaching Kitchen and learn all the basics of cooking whole, healthful foods from scratch! We will cover everything from broth and sauces to braising, roasting and pressure cooking. You can sign up for individual classes of your choice or take the whole series for a discounted price.

Please note: All classes will include a meat and vegetarian option. If you need a class to have a vegan or gluten free option, please email us to see if we can accommodate it.

$15 individual class

$90 for all 7 classes

Essential Techniques: Broths and Sauces

Friday, January 11th 5:30pm

A good flavorful broth is the foundation of so many dishes. Learn to make your own vegetable broth and bone broth plus a variety of sauces that you will find yourself using and customizing over and over again.

Essential Techniques: Poaching and Steaming

Friday, January 18th, 5:30pm

These gentle, moist heat cooking methods are your key to tender, lean proteins that don’t dry out, and brunch success. We will learn how to poach eggs and fruit and gently cook lean meats like fish and chicken breast.

Essential Techniques: Braising

Friday, January 25th, 5:30pm

While most often used to cook large, tough cuts of meat, braising also results in the most flavorful beans and melt in your mouth vegetables. We will also talk about how to adjust recipes to use your slow cooker for make ahead dinners.

Essential Techniques: Roasting

Friday, February 1st, 5:30pm

From sheet pans of vegetables to crispy skinned chicken, roasting is one of the best large batch techniques. We will make a few one pan meals, some with meat and some without, that will make your weeknight dinners a breeze.

Essential Techniques: Pan and Stir Frying

Friday, February 8th, 5:30pm

Fast and fresh or quick and crispy, the prep is what takes time in these speedy techniques. We will talk a lot about prepping ahead and try out some knife skills. Then use all those prepped veggies in delicious stir fries and perfectly crispy fried vegetables and fish.

Essential Techniques: Pressure Cooking

Friday, February 15th, 5:30pm

For many busy people, pressure cookers are essential to having home cooked meals in the middle of the week. From fool proof beans to curries in a snap, learn some of our favorite recipes and tips and learn how to convert standard recipes to work in the pressure cooker.

Essential Techniques: Meal Planning and Prepping

Friday, February 22nd, 5:30pm

Now that we know how to cook all these dishes, let’s learn how to plan your meal for the week and prep as much as possible on the weekend. Learn how to incorporate leftovers to eliminate waste and get a head start on breakfast and lunch too.

  • Capacity: 12
  • Available spaces: 1

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