Free Home Restaurant Workshop at Davis Food Coop Teaching Kitchen

  • Davis Food Co-op Teaching Kitchen.

Foodnome is teaming up with us to bring you another Home Restaurant Workshop!

The average cost to open a restaurant in CA is nearly $250,000. This massive barrier of entry has prevented the vast majority of talented cooks, lacking access to this capital, from entering the food industry. BUT--there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon! A new law in CA provides a legal path forward for these cooks to permit their home kitchens and start their own food business.

In this workshop, we'll walk you through this transformative food law (AB 626), including all the next steps to get cookin'.

About Foodnome: We believe that every community has a right to self-determination, both in terms of economic opportunity and access to healthy food. Foodnome aims to empower local home cooks to make a living cooking what they love, and connect these passionate cooks with their hungry neighbors.