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September/October 2018

Last updated 11/18/18

Q: When are you going to upgrade your POS devices to recognize chips? In this day and age, with all you hear about hacking and data loss, seems to me you'd be interested in better protecting both yourself and your customers.

- C.B.

A: Thanks for your question. I apologize for any inconvenience. Our credit card service provider has not confirmed when we will get an upgrade on this. This is a company that National Co-op Grocers has negotiated a national contract with and most co-ops are using. They are currently looking to negotiate with a different company because of this issue. We hope to get a different provider soon.

Have a great day!

Johanna Abasto, Marketing Manager

Q: Please, please put out fish the day you receive it. The fish does not look fresh, + the worker explained it was received yesterday, the salmon several days before. They are not putting the fish they received today out, because they want to save it for Monday, since there is no delivery Monday (Labor Day). This strategy simply results in poor quality fish today & Monday. A much better strategy would be to put out fish when it is received, perhaps discount the older fish so that it sells, and simply not have fish on Monday. I said I would buy fish if he got me what came in today. He did not offer to do that. So this means one more trip for me (to Nugget) + are less safe for the co-op.

A: Thank you so much for your feedback. We do attempt to guess correctly what fish customers want to buy on a daily basis, but it is an inexact science. We will not be discounting fish on it's second day in the case, but will do so on it's 3rd day. It usually sells out before then. Our staff should always be willing to go to the back cooler to get you fish that came in that day. I apologize that that didn't happen when you came in. I will reiterate to all of my staff to do so upon customer request. If you have any other questions, please do contact me.

Jim Pavlichek, Meat Manager

Q: Request that we carry large boxes baking soda for cleaning!


A: Thanks for writing us! A large box of Baking Soda is a great idea. At the moment, it would take a large amount of rearranging to get a large format box on the shelf. I'll be able to add it in a couple of months. In the mean time, you can order either a 5 lb. or 1 lb. bag through our bulk department. And if you are a member-owner in good standing, you'll get 10% off! Thanks for shopping at the Co-op and let me know if you have any other questions.

Julie Loke, Grocery Manager

Q: Used to carry Cutwater Spirits gin + tonic <- only this flavor, the others are not as good.


A: Thank you for your inquiry about the Cutwater Cocktail cans. We currently do not carry those items anymore. We gave them a trial run and they did not perform as we would have liked them to. But, they are still available for special order if you'd like me to do that for you.

Anthony Barron, Beer & Wine Buyer

Q: Request we carry Saffron Road Chips: Red Fako, Chana & Dal, Puy- Different flavors because the Lentil Chips ARE FANTASTIC! :)

A: Thanks for writing! I'll definitely look into bringing more Saffron Road Lentil and chickpea based chips and crackers in. I love the chips, too!

Julie Loke, Grocery Manager

Q: I enjoyed the recent salad making class. Two ideas for future classes -- the head of the Confucius Institute does a wonderful talk on tea. I'd love to hear her do a talk featuring your loose tea selections. Your tea offerings are the best I've found in Davis! The coop has many ingredients and produce that I am not familiar with. Classes on what to do with, for example, kohlrabi, would be helpful. I enjoy learning to eat new things.

A: Thanks for the suggestions! I agree our tea selection is great! We will be having a couple tea classes coming up in the teaching kitchen, including a herbal tea blending workshop on February 2nd. We have partnered with the Confucius Institute before and may again, but there are currently no planned classes with them.

We have struggled with enrollment in classes focusing on one or two vegetables. However we will be hosting more mini video classes and patio classes in the next year that will focus heavily on how to prepare unusual ingredients. Follow us on social media or sign up for our emails to get notified when these go up.

Laura Doyle, Education and Outreach Coordinator

Q: I was just wondering what the reasoning was for ending the policy of printing the "roasted on" date on bulk coffees. I noticed this change a long time ago, but always forget to ask. When I buy coffee, the roast date may be the single most important attribute I look for, and I find this information invaluable. Without the date, it becomes more appealing to buy directly from the roaster. One of the aspects of the co-op I love the most is the detailed product information (as with the eggs).

A: I do apologize for the inconvenience and confusion. I was not aware of this policy. I will do my best to see why we stopped and to see if we can enforce this policy again. I do know that when the coffee bin gets low of product, we will refill the bin with a bag that may have a later date, due to rotation. This may have been why the system is not in place anymore. I do agree that the information the of the roast date is very important. Thank you for you time and patience.

Shavonya Moore, Chill Manager

Q: We always seem to be out of Smoked white fish that comes in "chunks" that used to be hanging up in a package. About $12.99 a pound. This is not Talipa or trout. the meat manger will know.

A: Thank you for asking about whitefish chunks. I presume you are referring to the Blue Hill Bay smoked whitefish chunks that we carried some time back, rather than the Ducktrap Smoked whitefish fillets that were stocked more recently. Both of those items were discontinued because of slow sales. Those are what is called "slack-out" items. They are stored frozen, and stocked on the shelf (slacked-out) a little at a time. It's a system that usually helps limit waste by allowing just what is ideally needed, when it is needed. Unfortunately, with the smoked whitefish items, even with slacking-out only a few packages at a time, there were still more units going out of date on the shelf than were selling. The Blue Hill Bay chunks had the further complication of frequent "leakers", packages loosing their vacuum seal, causing much extra work for a product that did not sell enough to warrant such. I have brought smoked whitefish back to the shelves multiple times after a customer request, but the result has been the same each time. There appears to just be not enough long term demand to justify carrying them.
That is not the end of the story though. For members in good standing, we can special order items in case lots, which comes with a discount as well. I believe both of those whitefish items come in cases of 6 packages, and I would be happy to order them by the case for you, if buying in that quantity works for you.
If you would like to do that, or have any other questions, please do call or email and I will be happy to help.

Jim Pavlichek, Meat Manager

Q: Since the renovation began there are several items you either are always out of or have discontinued... You no longer carry Jalapeno stuffed olives, either on the shelves or in bulk. You also no longer seem to carry the large ripe (black) olives in bulk, which were my favorites and I am sure the favorites of many others. Frankly, I miss the old olive (etc.) bar & wish you had not gotten rid of it.


A: I received your suggestion about the Jalapeno and Black large olives, I had discontinued them for a while because those were slow movers. Once the product has been out for a while it looses its quality, and we have had to discount those products constantly. I can order them again and see how they do. Thank you for your suggestion and thanks for continuing to shop at the Davis food Co-op.

Mayra Garibay, Assistant Chill Manager

Q: Please carry again the Wild Planet brand canned "Wild Sardines - Skinless & Boneless Filets in Extra Virgin Olive Oil". Your most recent shipment from this company consists of two types of sardines in olive oil that are also "LIGHTLY SMOKED". Chemically sensitive individuals cannot tolerate "smoked" products. Also, the shipment contains sardines in a "MARINARA SAUCE" which some folks cannot eat because they contain tomatoes (which are inflammatory Nightshades).


A: Thank you for bringing this to my attention. The Wild Planet sardines in olive oil are now in stock and will remain on the shelf! I'm glad you enjoy them- Wild Planet is a great company for the environment and supper yummy. Thanks for shopping at the Co-op!

Julie Loke, Grocery Manager

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You’re welcome!

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I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to your employee Terry. I was biking late at night and my chain popped off. I was struggling to put it back on and Terry, who was walking home after his shift at the CoOp, stopped and helped me. He managed to fix my chain and got quite mucked up with bike grease because of it. Just really appreciated the gesture and wanted to let him know thank you!


I love the new salad bar salad additions! Thx


Thank you so much for providing mini muffin and mini cookie options! Now I can give my kids a reasonably sized treat while we shop!


Ashley of wellness was SO helpful today! I wanted to find a "clean" unscented lotion, + she volunteered to get her personal tablet + we looked up the coop's selection on the skin deep database. That was so thoughtful of her. What a gem! Thank you, Ashley! (my skin thanks you, too!)


I am delighted to see a full, well-stocked, attractive and fresh meat display. Thank you!


Store is becoming so easy to navigate with recent changes! Love bulk out front.


In Brief:

Thanks for your feedback! We will try to bring in (or back):

So sorry! We were temporarily out of:

  • Bulk Oat Bran
  • Bulk Sea Salt
  • Bulk Tapioca Flour
  • Bulk Wheat Bran
  • Horizon Organic Milk 6-packs
  • Bulk Rye Flakes
  • Goat Butter

Thanks for your feedback! We have increased our order of:

  • Bulk Ground Cinnamon

Thanks for your suggestion! We now carry:

  • McVitte's Digestives

Sorry, these items are currently unavailable:

  • Rolled Barley Flakes in Bulk
  • Bulk Cat Nip
  • Small cartons of Horizon whole milk
  • Bulk Soy Flour

Sorry, we don't currently have space for:

  • Bulk Organic Brown Sugar
  • Bulk Multigrain Flakes
  • Bulk Kamut Flakes

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