As a co-op we are guided by a concern for our community.

Despite our abundant agricultural economy, there are many in Yolo county who struggle to get their nutritional needs met. According to an estimate by Feeding America, in 2017 there were approximately 28,320 people dealing with food insecurity in Yolo county.  So we at the Davis Food Co-op do our part to connect those from our community in need with healthy food. Below you can see some of the programs that we take part in to combat food insecurity.

Are you living on a restricted income? If so, you may apply for our community discount to receive a 5% discount when you shop! This discount is meant to help those with limited resources still eat an abundant and healthful diet.


Davis Night Market

Excess food from our hot bar is donated to the Davis Night Market twice a week. The Davis Night Market is a weekly gathering that takes place in Central Park where donated food from local businesses and restaurants is given away.


Fruit & Veggie Up

We donate produce from our store twice a week to theFruit & Veggie Up program run by Aggie Compass at UC Davis. 


Davis Farm to School 

In order to connect children with healthy eating we partner with Davis Farm To School, providing educational tours and programs at our store. 



In an effort to reduce food waste and share resources with our community we will be bringing a community freedge to our patio! This fridge will be maintained by the co-op and will contain produce and shelf-stable items from our store. 



Cooking with the Community

We have started a series of free instructional cooking classes for those in need, which takes place the third Thursday of every month. In each class, attendees learn how to adapt recipes to their needs with what they have available.