Private Party Inquiry

The cost of a private party is $300 for Co-op Owners and $350 for non-Owners. This covers up to 8 attendees. For additional people, the cost is $30 for Owners and $35 for non-Owners. Everyone attending does not need to be an Owner to get the discounted price, just the person making the reservation. Once we have confirmation, we will set up a link for you to pay online. Payment is non-refundable and non-transferable.

If a hands on cooking class is not what you are looking for, we also offer tasting or pairing classes. These start at $300 for 15 people and can accommodate up to 20 students.

Classes are available Tuesday- Saturday.

The menu of your party is completely up to you! We have a wide library of recipes to choose from. There may be an additional fee for a topic we don't already have prepared or because of adjustments needed accommodate certain dietary needs. Here are a few examples of menus we have used in the past.

Seasonal Pizza Party:

Each guest will make their own pizza crust. While they proof, we will break into groups to make a variety of sauces and toppings. Then everyone will roll and top their pizza however they like and dig in!

Falafel and Pita:

We will make our own puffy pita and crisp fried falafel. To go alongside, we will mix up some mezze (appetizers): hummus, baba ganoush and tzatziki. (Vegan available)


Tamales are one of the best party foods. We will start by making either a meat or a vegetarian filling (or both), and a couple salsas. Then we will whip up a few batches of masa and sit down to fill the tamales as a group. Each guest will go home with a bag of tamales ready to cook or freeze. Please note: this class does not include a meal, however we will provide chips and salsa to snack on. (Gluten free and vegan available)

Fish Tacos:

Best DIY meal ever! You’ll learn to make everything from the tortillas to marinating and cooking the fish. Bonus deliciousness: creamy chipotle sauce and a refreshing slaw. (Gluten free available)

Indian Restaurant Favorites

Learn restaurant favorites like Palak Paneer and Tikka Masala as well as rice and chipati for the side. To drink, we will make a spicy chai that is great hot or iced. (gluten free and vegan available)

Thai Flavors

Make your favorite takeout dishes in your own kitchen. To start we will make spring rolls with a quick peanut sauce and chicken or tofu satay. For the main course, choose either a red or green curry with rice and a super flavorful Pad Kee Mao. (vegetarian, vegan or gluten free available)

French Pastry

Learn the simple but impressively versatile pastry dough known as pâte à choux! Love cream puffs and éclairs? Want to make cheesy gougers for your next cocktail party? Come learn how to mix, pipe and properly bake them all plus some delicious fillings and toppings.

Bread Baking

Learn the basics of either artisan French style bread or rustic whole grain breads. From mixing to kneading, shaping to baking and of course eating. Each guest will leave with a batch of dough to bake at home.