Tabling Request Form

Tabling is a forum for community groups (non-profit, educational, families, children, and the arts) to share educational materials with Owners and shoppers of Davis Food Co-op. We will give tabling priority to organizations we already partner with, local organizations or ones whose mission and values align with the Co-ops Ends. Want to sell a product at our store? Check out our Vendors & Growers page.

Tabling requests must be made 2 weeks before the desired date and are not scheduled until you receive a confirmation email from the Co-op. Reservations are on a first come first serve basis and may be denied or restricted based on previously scheduled events or holidays.

Tabling is an opportunity for customers who choose to find out more about a particular topic. For this reason Tablers may not approach customers or yell for customers to visit the table. Please allow interested customers to approach your table. Aggressive canvassing or “hard-sell” tactics may result in suspension of tabling privileges. Groups not meeting these standards may be asked to leave at any time. Complaints from customers or issues with policy compliance may result in a permanent loss of tabling privileges.

Additionally, organizations are required to adhere to the following rules in order to table on Co-op property:

  • Before setting up, please check in with the Floor Supervisor in the Front End. They will provide you with a copy of the Tabling Policy to read over and sign.
  • Fundraising activities must be approved when you submit your tabling request.
  • Groups must provide their own table and shade/rain protection if needed. Please leave our benches, chairs & tables for the exclusive use of customers, do not move them for your own use.
  • Tabling is restricted to the marked free speech zone, even if the weather isn’t ideal. If it is raining or too hot on the day of your reservation, you may bring a cover or choose to reschedule. You may not move the table to the patio.
  • The Davis Food Co-op will not tolerate groups promoting discrimination, mistreatment or slander of individuals or images that may be upsetting to shoppers.
  • A disclaimer sign must be placed on the table stating that the views presented are not necessarily those of Davis Food Co-op.
  • The Coop does not allow tabling for partisan political activities of political candidates. Voter registration drives are acceptable.
  • Tablers wishing to sell items must be approved ahead of time. The sale of items not in conflict with Coop mission and business may be allowed. The Coop reserves the right to prohibit sales of any item. Food sales or food demos of any kind is generally not allowed. Vendors interested in demoing their products should visit our Vendor Information page.
  • No amplification of sound is permitted, including the use of bullhorns or radios.

Please share this policy with anyone who is working your table so everyone is well informed.