Join a Task Force!

What is a Task Force?

The Board of Directors uses Task Forces to work on specific topics or projects outside of the Board meetings.

This year, the following Task Forces have been chartered:

  1. Annual Meeting Task Force, Chair: Dana Marsh
  2. Audit and Finance Task Force, Chair: Sharon Tobar
  3. Board Training and Education Task Force, Chair: Sandra Schickele
  4. Elections Task Force, Chair: Ken Bradford
  5. Owner Linkage Task Force, Chair: Faye Dixon
  6. Board Perpetuation Task Force, Chair: Karen Rich
  7. Policy and Procedure Task Force, Chair: Errol Diaus

Every Task Force is a little bit different in how often they meet and the amount of time needed to complete their work. For example, the Annual Meeting Task Force starts meeting in the Spring to plan and execute the event, while the Audit and Finance Task Force meets all year long to ensure our is Co-op financially healthy.

Click here to read about each Task Force learn a little bit more about its work!

Expectations and Responsibilities

  • Attend meetings
  • Keep information confidential
  • Complete tasks you agree to take on

Reasons to serve on a Task Force

  • Serve the Co-op community
  • Learn about Cooperative governance
  • Meet other Owners who care about our Co-op

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