I-P Bulk Products

6617 MILK POWDER Instant, Nonfat
6618 MILK POWDER Non-Instant Nonfat Low Heat directions
6622 MILK POWDER Whole Challenge (Acct#560379)
6605 MISC Cocoa Powder
15858 MISC Lecithin
6882 MISC Panko
5618 MISC Psyllium Seed Husks Whole
6608 MISC Soy Protein Powder Giusto
6625 MISC Textured Vegetable Protein Tvp
6304 MIXES Black Bean Fant. Foods directions
1342 MIXES Black Refried Beans Mix directions O
1180 MIXES Black Bean Soup Mix directions O
1502 MIXES Corn Chowder Mix directions O
1341 MIXES Curry Lentil Soup Mix directions O
6305 MIXES Falafel Fant. Foods directions
6307 MIXES Hummus Fantastic directions
6310 MIXES Pancake Multigrain,Arrow.Mills directions O
6311 MIXES Pinto Bean Flakes Tst. Adven. directions
6312 MIXES Refried Beans Fantastic Foods directions
1501 MIXES Refried Pinto Benas directions O
6313 MIXES Soup, Black Bean directions
6318 MIXES Soup, Corn Chowder Tst. Adven. directions
6314 MIXES Soup, Curry Lentil Tst. Adven. directions
6315 MIXES Soup, Split Pea directions
1173 MIXES Split Pea Soup Mix directions O
6319 MIXES Tabouli Fantastic directions
7320 MIXES Veggie Chili Fantastic Foods directions
6857 NUTS Almond Butterstock O
6813 NUTS Almonds Hickory Smoked Wildtime
5990 NUTS Almonds Raw
6801 NUTS Almonds Raw O
6132 NUTS Almonds Sliced
6828 NUTS Almonds Slivered Blanched
6855 NUTS Almonds Sprouted
6833 NUTS Almonds Tamari
6842 NUTS Almonds, Dry Roast N/S
7136 NUTS Almonds, Smoked Local O
6831 NUTS Brazil
6834 NUTS Cashew Pieces R/S O
5240 NUTS Cashews O
6804 NUTS Cashews Pieces Raw O
7332 NUTS Cashews Thai Curry, Sunridge
6798 NUTS Cashews W/ Bragg Aminos
6814 NUTS Cashews Whole Raw
6859 NUTS Cashews, Black Pepper
6802 NUTS Filberts, (Hazelnuts) O
6431 NUTS Macadamia Raw
6811 NUTS Mixed No Salt Roasted
6810 NUTS Mixed Roasted, Salted
6913 NUTS Peanuts - Butterstock O
7333 NUTS Peanuts - Chili Lemon, Sunridge
5523 NUTS Peanuts - Raw Spanish
6819 NUTS Peanuts Jumbo Dry R/S
6817 NUTS Peanuts Spanish Roasted Salted
6805 NUTS Pecan Halves
7789 NUTS Pecan Halves O
6808 NUTS Pine
6830 NUTS Pistachio Raw Meats O
6840 NUTS Pistachio Salted In Shell O
7739 NUTS Soynuts Dry R/No Salt O
6858 NUTS Soynuts Dry R/Salted O
6866 NUTS Sprouted Wild Harvested Pecans
6803 NUTS Walnuts O
6807 NUTS Walnuts Baker'S Choice
6438 NUTS Walnuts Chandler Bulk
15854 NUTS Walnuts Chandler Halves (Espriella)
6919 OIL Canola Spectrum O
6929 OIL Olive Mission Winter Harv. Sciabica
6912 OIL Olive X-Virgin Napa O
6922 OIL Sesame Toasted Spectrum
6724 PASTA Bowtie 4 Color Gardentime O
7664 PASTA Brown Rice Fettucini O
7661 PASTA Brown Rice Penne O
7665 PASTA Brown Rice Spiral O
5117 PASTA Buckwheat Noodles
6427 PASTA Couscous O
6424 PASTA Couscous, Israeli Large Osem
6428 PASTA Couscous, Whole Wheat Casbah O
6749 PASTA Egg Noodles Royal
6710 PASTA Elbows White Royal
6711 PASTA Elbows Whole Wheat Sunridge O
6727 PASTA Fusilli (Corkscrew) Gardentime O
6751 PASTA Linguini Grdntm. O
6721 PASTA Orzo Marina
6758 PASTA Orzo Veggie Eddies O
6732 PASTA Orzo W.W. Sunridge O
5118 PASTA Pasta Sea Shells
6760 PASTA Penne Nat. Value O
6709 PASTA Quinoa Elbows
5116 PASTA Quinoa Penne O
5124 PASTA Quinoa Spaghetti O
6747 PASTA Spaghetti spelt VITA-SPELT O
6703 PASTA Spaghetti, White Royal
6704 PASTA Spaghetti, Whole Wheat Sunridge O

Note: "c/s" in a description means "cut and sifted"; "r/s" means "roasted and salted"; and, "HU" means the amount of Scoville heat units that is usual for peppers. "O" stands for Organic.