Bulk Products PLU 6000- 7000

6000 O HERBS Mao Jian Jasmin
6101 O BEANS Adzuki
6102 O BEANS Mung
6103 O BEANS Garbanzo
6104 O BEANS Blackeyed Peas
6105 BEANS Black Turtle
6106 O BEANS Black Turtle Usa
6107 O BEANS Pinquito
6108 BEANS Split Peas, Green
6109 BEANS Kidney
6110 O BEANS Kidney
6111 BEANS Lentils Green
6112 O BEANS Lentils Green
6113 BEANS Lentils Red
6114 O BEANS Lima Bean
6115 BEANS Pinto
6116 O BEANS Pinto
6117 O BEANS Small Red Chili
6118 O BEANS Navy (Small White)
6119 O BEANS Soybeans
6120 BEANS Split Peas, Yellow
6125 O BEANS Seven Bean/Barley Soup Mix
6126 O BEANS Great Northern
6132 NUTS Almonds Sliced
6133 O BEANS Split Peas, Green
6137 O BEANS Lentils Red
6139 O BEANS Lentils French Green
6141 BEANS Chana Dal
6142 O BEANS Lentils Green (Sprouted)
6143 O BEANS Mung, Sprouted
6145 O COFFEE Pachamama, Green Beans
6150 SNACKS Almond Krinkle
6212 SNACKS Veggie Chips
6304 MIXES Black Bean Fant. Foods directions
6305 MIXES Falafel Fant. Foods directions
6307 MIXES Hummus Fantastic directions
6310 O MIXES Pancake Multigrain,Arrow.Mills directions
6311 MIXES Pinto Bean Flakes Tst. Adven. directions
6312 MIXES Refried Beans Fantastic Foods directions
6313 MIXES Soup, Black Bean directions
6314 MIXES Soup, Curry Lentil Tst. Adven. directions
6315 MIXES Soup, Split Pea directions
6318 MIXES Soup, Corn Chowder Tst. Adven. directions
6319 MIXES Tabouli Fantastic directions
6400 O RICE Sushi Brown (Golden Rose)
6401 O GRAINS Amaranth
6402 O RICE Basmati Brown
6404 RICE Long White
6405 RICE White Medium New.Rose
6406 RICE Long Brown Lundberg
6407 RICE Short Brown Lundberg
6408 O RICE Long Brown, Lundberg
6409 O RICE Short Brown Lundberg
6410 O RICE Sweet Brown
6411 RICE Forbidden China Black Lotus Foods
6412 O RICE Wild Calif. Mac Dougall’S
6413 O RICE Long White Lundberg
6414 O GRAINS Barley, Hulled
6415 O GRAINS Barley, Pearled
6416 O GRAINS Buckwheat Groats, Toasted
6417 O GRAINS Oats, Steelcut
6418 O GRAINS Oats, Whole Oat Groats
6419 O GRAINS Quinoa
6420 O GRAINS Rye Berries
6421 O GRAINS Wheat Berries, Hard Red Spring
6422 RICE Sweet White Koda Farms
6423 O GRAINS Spelt Flakes
6424 PASTA Couscous, Israeli Large Osem
6425 O GRAINS Millet, Hulled
6426 O GRAINS Bulgher
6427 O PASTA Couscous
6428 O PASTA Couscous, Whole Wheat Casbah
6429 GRAINS Oats, Rolled, Gluten Free
6430 O GRAINS Wheat Cracked
6431 NUTS Macadamia Raw
6432 O SEEDS Popcorn
6433 O SEEDS Popcorn, Multi-Colored
6436 O SEEDS Flax Seeds - Golden Whole
6437 O SEEDS Flax Seeds - Whole
6438 NUTS Walnuts Chandler Bulk
6439 RICE Arborio Lundberg
6441 RICE Basmati White Indian Sunridge
6442 RICE Jasmine Purple
6446 O RICE Brown Rice - Germinated
6447 O RICE Sushi Lundberg
6448 O GRAINS Farro
6450 O GRAINS Spelt Berries
6451 O GRAINS Quinoa, Sprouted
6453 O RICE Basmati White
6454 O GRAINS Buckwheat, Hulled Raw
6455 O GRAINS Wheat Berries, Soft White
6502 FLOUR White Unbleach.Red Rose
6503 O FLOUR Cornmeal, Medium Guistos
6504 O FLOUR Polenta
6507 O FLOUR Unbleach.White Wheatland
6508 O FLOUR Whole Wheat Med.Giusto’S
6509 O FLOUR Whole Wheat Fine Giusto’S
6510 O FLOUR W.W. Pastry Giustos
6511 O FLOUR Rye Giustos
6512 O FLOUR Cornmeal, Blue Arrow. Mills
6513 FLOUR Vital Wheat Gluten Giustos
6514 FLOUR Garbanzo Giustos
6515 O FLOUR Buckwheat Giustos
6516 O FLOUR Soy Giustos
6518 O FLOUR Rice Brown Lundberg
6519 O FLOUR Oat Grainmiller
6520 O FLOUR Pumpernickle Giustos
6521 O FLOUR Semolina Giustos
6522 FLOUR Barley Guistos
6523 FLOUR Potato Giustos
6526 O FLOUR Spelt Whole
6527 FLOUR Rice White
6529 O GRAINS Kamut Flakes
6531 FLOUR Pastry Unbleach.Giustos.
6532 O FLOUR Whole Wheat High Pro.Giusto’S
6534 FLOUR Peak Perf.High Gluten White Bread
6595 SALT Himalayan Crystallized Pink Salt, Fine
6600 CHIPS Non-Dairy Malt-Sweet Sunspire
6602 HERBS Buttermilk Powder directions
6603 CHIPS Carob, Non Dairy Sunspire
6604 CHIPS Guittard Semi-Sweet 1000Ct.
6605 MISC Cocoa Powder
6606 SWEETENERS SUGAR, fructose
6607 YEAST Nutritional T-6635 Red Star
6607 YEAST Nutritional T-6635 Red Star
6608 MISC Soy Protein Powder Giusto
6609 O CHIPS Dark Chocolate Sunridge Farms
6610 SWEETENERS SUGAR, turbinado
6612 O GRAINS Wheat Bran
6612 O GRAINS Wheat Bran
6613 O GRAINS Oat Bran, Coarse Grnmllr.
6614 HERBS Carob Powder, Roasted
6615 O DRIED FRUIT Coconut, Medium Shred, Unsweetened
6617 MILK POWDER Instant, Nonfat
6618 MILK POWDER Non-Instant Nonfat Low Heat
6620 HERBS Whey Powder
6621 SALT Sea Giusto
6622 MILK POWDER Whole Challenge (Acct#560379)
6623 O COFFEE Pachamama, Nicaragua
6625 MISC Textured Vegetable Protein Tvp
6626 YEAST Brewers Abco
6626 YEAST Brewers Abco
6627 CHIPS White Guittard
6662 O TEA Frontier Indian White
6663 HERBS Senna Leaf
6664 SWEETENERS SUGAR, Powdered white
6665 O SWEETENERS SUGAR, unrefined
6667 SWEETENERS Sucanat
6672 HERBS Barley Malt Powder
6674 HERBS Tapioca Pearled
6703 PASTA Spaghetti, White Royal
6704 O PASTA Spaghetti, Whole Wheat Sunridge
6706 TEA North American Green Tea
6709 PASTA Quinoa Elbows
6710 PASTA Elbows White Royal
6711 O PASTA Elbows Whole Wheat Sunridge
6712 O FLOUR Spelt, White
6720 O GRAINS Kamut Berries
6721 PASTA Orzo Marina
6724 O PASTA Bowtie 4 Color Gardentime
6727 O PASTA Fusilli (Corkscrew) Gardentime
6728 O RICE Wild Blend
6732 O PASTA Orzo W.W. Sunridge
6747 O PASTA Spaghetti spelt VITA-SPELT
6749 PASTA Egg Noodles Royal
6751 O PASTA Linguini Grdntm.
6758 O PASTA Orzo Veggie Eddies
6760 O PASTA Penne Nat. Value
6762 O GRAINS Wheat Berries, Heirloom Soft White
6764 O SEEDS Sunflower Seeds - In Shell
6767 O HERBS Sandwich Sprouting Seeds
6797 HERBS Sesame Seeds - Black
6798 NUTS Cashews W/ Bragg Aminos
6799 DRIED FRUIT Goji Berries
6801 O NUTS Almonds Raw
6802 O NUTS Filberts, (Hazelnuts)
6803 O NUTS Walnuts
6804 O NUTS Cashews Pieces Raw
6805 NUTS Pecan Halves
6806 SEEDS Pumpkin Seeds - Spicy
6807 NUTS Walnuts Baker'S Choice
6808 NUTS Pine
6810 NUTS Mixed Roasted, Salted
6811 NUTS Mixed No Salt Roasted
6812 O SEEDS Pumpkin Seeds - Dry R/S
6813 NUTS Almonds Hickory Smoked Wildtime
6814 NUTS Cashews Whole Raw
6815 O SEEDS Pumpkin Seeds - Raw Chinese
6817 NUTS Peanuts Spanish Roasted Salted
6819 NUTS Peanuts Jumbo Dry R/S
6820 SEEDS Sunflower Seeds - Whole Tamari
6821 SEEDS Sunflower Seeds - Hulled
6822 O SEEDS Sunflower Seeds - Hulled
6823 O HERBS Alfalfa Seeds
6824 BEANS Flageolet
6825 O SEEDS Sesame Seeds - Brown Whole
6826 O SEEDS Sesame Seeds - White Mech. Hulled
6827 O HERBS Poppy Seeds - Whole
6828 NUTS Almonds Slivered Blanched
6829 SEEDS Sunflower Seeds - R/S
6830 O NUTS Pistachio Raw Meats
6831 NUTS Brazil
6832 TRAIL MIXES Wild Ginger Harvest
6833 NUTS Almonds Tamari
6834 O NUTS Cashew Pieces R/S
6835 SNACKS Honey Roast Nut and Fruit Mix
6836 BEANS Borlotti Cranberry
6840 O NUTS Pistachio Salted In Shell
6841 O HERBS Clover, Seed, Red
6842 NUTS Almonds, Dry Roast N/S
6843 HERBS Anise Seed, Whole
6844 O HERBS Caraway Seeds - Whole
6845 HERBS Cardamom Seeds, Whole Decortated
6846 O HERBS Celery Seeds - Whole (119)
6847 O HERBS Coriander Seed, Whole
6848 HERBS Cumin Seeds, Whole
6849 HERBS Dill Seeds, Whole
6850 HERBS Fennel Seeds, Whole
6851 HERBS Fenugreek Seeds, Whole
6852 O HERBS Mustard Seed, Whole, Brown
6853 O HERBS Mustard Seed, Whole, Yellow
6854 O HERBS Radish Seeds - Whole
6855 NUTS Almonds Sprouted
6856 HERBS Annato Seeds - Whole
6857 O NUTS Almond Butterstock
6858 O NUTS Soynuts Dry R/Salted
6859 NUTS Cashews, Black Pepper
6866 NUTS Sprouted Wild Harvested Pecans
6870 O RICE Jasmine Brown
6882 MISC Panko
6883 SEEDS Iri Goma, Roasted White Sesame
6899 O VANILLA Vanilla Extract
6901 VANILLA Vanilla Extract
6903 O SWEETENERS Maple syrup grade B SHADY MAPLE
6907 VINEGAR Wine White H369(8.5Lb/Gal) 4 Monks+K852
6907 VINEGAR Wine White H369(8.5Lb/Gal) 4 Monks+K852
6908 HERBS Paprika, Smoked, Powder
6910 O VINEGAR Apple Cider Raw (8.33Lb/Gal)Spectrum
6911 SOY SAUCE Tamari Wheat Free San-J
6912 O OIL Olive X-Virgin Napa
6913 O NUTS Peanuts - Butterstock
6915 VINEGAR Rice White (8.33Lb/Gal) Nakano
6915 VINEGAR Rice White (8.33Lb/Gal) Nakano
6916 SWEETENERS Honey, Valley Blossom (Moonshine)
6919 O OIL Canola Spectrum
6922 OIL Sesame Toasted Spectrum
6924 O SOY SAUCE Shoyu San-J
6927 O VINEGAR Rice Brown (8.33Lb/Gal) Spectrum
6929 OIL Olive Mission Winter Harv. Sciabica
6935 O HERBS Hawthorn, Berries, Whole
6942 SNACKS Chocolate Stars, Milk Frosted
6943 HERBS Cascara Sagrada Bark, C/S
6989 RICE Short Grain Premium Rice - Hinode

Note: "c/s" in a description means "cut and sifted"; "r/s" means "roasted and salted"; and, "HU" means the amount of Scoville heat units that is usual for peppers. "O" stands for Organic.