Bulk Products PLU 7000- 8000

7005 COFFEE Peerless Decaf Columbian
7007 COFFEE Peerless Presidents Private
7008 O COFFEE Peerless French Roast
7009 COFFEE Peerless Italian Roast
7010 TEA Tao Of Tea Strong Fire Oolong
7011 COFFEE Peerless Columbian Supremo
7012 O SNACKS Chunks Of Energy, Raw Cacao Goji
7013 HERBS Japanese Seasoning, Furikake, Nori Goma (Traditional)
7014 COFFEE Peerless French Dark Italian
7015 HERBS Japanese Seasoning, Furikake, Katsuo Mirin, (Teriyaki)
7016 O COFFEE Pachamama, Harvest Blend Vienna Roast
7017 O COFFEE Pachamama, Peru Santa Teresa
7018 FLOUR Teff
7020 O HERBS Chicory, Roasted
7021 HERBS Chocolate, Ground
7023 O COFFEE Peerless Mexican
7024 COFFEE Peerless Triple Dark
7033 O COFFEE Caffé Ibis Peruvian Rainforest
7034 O COFFEE Caffé Ibis Decaf feminino
7043 O COFFEE Eq.Ex. Love Buzz
7045 O COFFEE Eq.Ex. French Roast
7056 COFFEE Peerless Espresso Perfection
7057 COFFEE Pepper Peddler, Dark Roast
7069 O COFFEE Eq.Ex. Decaf French Roast CO2
7072 O COFFEE Eq.Ex. Breakfast blend
7078 COFFEE Peerless Berkeley Blend
7083 O COFFEE Eq.Ex. Mind, Body & Soul
7090 O COFFEE Peerless Sumatra Dark
7100 GRANOLA French Vanilla Almond Gld. Tmpl.
7101 GRANOLA Wild Blueberry Gld.Tmpl.
7103 GRANOLA Cranberry Gourmet Oat Cuisine
7104 GRANOLA Original Gourmet Oat Cuisine
7108 GRANOLA Super Nutty Gld.Tmpl.
7109 GRANOLA Maple Almond Gld. Tmpl.
7110 O TEA Eco Teas, Yerba Mate
7111 GRANOLA New Eng. Supntl. Brd. Shop
7112 O GRANOLA Crunchy Lite Sunridge
7113 GRANOLA Raspberry & Cream Brdshp.
7115 O GRANOLA Grandma Dave'S Crunch Brd. Shop
7116 O GRANOLA Lowfat Berry Griz
7117 O GRANOLA Hemp Plus Nature'S Path
7118 O GRANOLA Wildberry Muesli Grizzlies
7120 GRANOLA Blueberries & Cream Brdshp.
7121 O TRAIL MIXES Nectarine Nut Mix
7122 GRANOLA Vanilla Macadamia Nut Crunch
7123 GRANOLA Honey Gone Nuts Brdshp.
7126 O GRANOLA Rainforest Gld. Tmpl.
7127 O GRANOLA Calypso Crunch Grizz
7128 GRANOLA Straw/Rasp Lowfat Gld. Tmpl.
7133 GRANOLA Peach Porridge, Grizzlies
7136 O NUTS Almonds, Smoked Local
7146 O COFFEE Pachamama, Five Sisters
7149 O COFFEE Eq.Ex. Sumatran Full City
7150 O COFFEE Pachamama, Nicaragua Decaf
7152 O COFFEE Pachamama, French
7159 O SWEETENERS Agave Syrup
7160 SNACKS Ginger Chews
7161 O VINEGAR Balsamic (12.16Lb/ Gal)
7177 O GRANOLA Ginger Zing
7206 O HERBS Rosehips, Seedless C/S(999)
7207 HERBS Rosemary Leaf, Powdered
7216 BEANS Lentils Black Beluga
7217 BEANS Corona
7218 O COFFEE Pachamama, Breakfast Blend
7236 O COFFEE Pachamama, Ethiopian
7250 DRIED FRUIT Cranberries Orange Flavored
7300 COFFEE Pepper Peddler, Special Blend
7301 HERBS Japanese Seasoning, Chili Blend (Shichimi Togarashi)
7302 O HERBS Wasabi Kona
7306 O TRAIL MIXES Applenut Wildtime
7310 DRIED FRUIT Raisins Golden Sulphered
7311 O DRIED FRUIT Raisins Flame
7312 O DRIED FRUIT Raisins Thompson Seedless
7313 O DRIED FRUIT Raisins monukka
7316 TRAIL MIXES Cocono Deluxe Sunridge
7317 O TRAIL MIXES Hit The Trail Sunridge
7318 TRAIL MIXES Cherry Pecan Vanilla Dream Sunridge
7319 O TRAIL MIXES Deluxe Trail Mix
7320 MIXES Veggie Chili Fantastic Foods directions
7320 TRAIL MIXES Honey Nuts Fruit
7321 O TRAIL MIXES Berry Cherry Soy Mix
7322 O TRAIL MIXES Supreme Fruit And Nut Mix
7323 O TRAIL MIXES Super Deluxe
7324 TRAIL MIXES Cranberry'S Cove
7326 O TRAIL MIXES Cranberry Harvest
7327 TRAIL MIXES On The Trail
7328 TRAIL MIXES Antioxidant Berries And Chocolate
7329 SNACKS Wasabi Samuri Mix, Sunridge
7330 TRAIL MIXES Men's Energy With Omega
7332 NUTS Cashews Thai Curry, Sunridge
7333 NUTS Peanuts - Chili Lemon, Sunridge
7334 TRAIL MIXES Women'S Vitality Mix
7335 SNACKS Sesame Sticks, Honey Roasted
7342 O SNACKS Sunny Fruit Slices
7344 SNACKS Pop'D Kern
7346 TRAIL MIXES Nut And Berry Delight
7348 TRAIL MIXES Sweet Cajun Fire
7394 SNACKS Sesame Garlic Sticks
7395 GRANOLA Golden Nuts And Honey
7396 O GRANOLA Rasberry Crunch Organic
7399 SNACKS Chocolate Peanut Butter Malt Balls
7405 O SNACKS Sunny Worms
7410 TRAIL MIXES Energy Power Mix
7413 O RICE Jasmine White, Lundberg
7435 O RICE Wehani Lundberg
7487 O HERBS Yarrow C/S
7488 HERBS Ginseng, Powdered, Asian
7501 TEA Tao Of Tea Pu-Er Valour
7528 O BEANS Sunset Soup Mix
7529 SNACKS Sundrops Dark Chocolate
7533 O FLOUR Quinoa
7552 SNACKS Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt Cashews
7555 SNACKS Butter Toffee Almonds
7556 SNACKS Cappuccino Almonds
7557 SNACKS Honey Orange Almonds
7558 SNACKS Sesame Almonds
7560 SNACKS Raspberry Honey Almonds
7598 SNACKS Joyva Sesame Crunch
7603 SNACKS Sundrops Sunspire
7604 SNACKS Sundrops Peanut Sunspire
7605 SNACKS Dark Chocolate Raisins
7606 SNACKS Dark Chocolate Almonds
7609 SNACKS Milk Chocolate Raisins
7610 SNACKS Chocolate Tofffee Pnut
7611 O TEA Frontier Strawberry Green
7613 SNACKS Butter Toffee Peanuts Sunridge
7614 O SNACKS Chocolate Covered Cherries
7615 SNACKS Oriental Party Mix
7616 SNACKS Chocolate Maltballs Sunridge
7617 O TEA Frontier Relaxing
7619 O SNACKS Banana Chips
7623 O DRIED FRUIT Apple Rings
7624 DRIED FRUIT Cranberries Juice Sweetened
7626 O SNACKS Cranberries, Dark Chocolate
7627 DRIED FRUIT Apricots Sulph. X-Ripe (Slab)
7628 O DRIED FRUIT Apricots
7629 O SNACKS Chunks Of Energy, Chocolate Paradise
7630 O SNACKS Ginger Crystallized Reeds
7631 O SNACKS Lollipops
7632 O DRIED FRUIT Date Pieces Oat Flour
7633 O DRIED FRUIT Date Rolls Coconut
7637 DRIED FRUIT Nectarines, Jumbo
7639 SNACKS Cashew Butter Krinkles
7640 O DRIED FRUIT Figs Black Mission
7643 SNACKS Chocolate Truffle Almonds
7649 O DRIED FRUIT Peaches
7650 DRIED FRUIT Pineapple J.S.
7651 O DRIED FRUIT Pineapple
7652 O DRIED FRUIT Prunes Pitted
7653 DRIED FRUIT Papaya Spears J.S.
7654 O DRIED FRUIT Apricot Turkish
7655 O DRIED FRUIT Currants Zante
7656 O DRIED FRUIT Pears
7657 O DRIED FRUIT Nectarines
7660 DRIED FRUIT Tomatoes, Dried Sliced Halves
7661 O PASTA Brown Rice Penne
7663 o DRIED FRUIT Tropical Chunk Mix
7664 O PASTA Brown Rice Fettucini
7665 O PASTA Brown Rice Spiral
7667 O DRIED FRUIT Mango
7675 TRAIL MIXES Mocha Marble Crunch
7677 SNACKS Bars, Peach Apricot New Life
7679 SNACKS Pretzels Mini
7680 SNACKS Peanuts, Yogurt Sunridge
7681 SNACKS Pretzels, Yogurt Sunridge
7682 SNACKS Yogurt Raisins Sunridge
7683 SNACKS Sesame Sticks
7684 SNACKS Animal Cookies
7687 O TRAIL MIXES Mango Grove Trail Mix
7687 DRIED FRUIT Mango, low sugar
7690 O SNACKS Sunny Bears Natural
7694 SNACKS Pretzels, Dark Chocolate
7699 SNACKS Spelt Sticks
7700 GRANOLA Oil Free Gourmet Oat Cuisine
7701 O CEREAL Six Grain Cracked Giusto
7702 CEREAL 9-Grain Cereal Giusto'S directions
7703 CEREAL Farina (Cream Of Wheat) directions
7704 O CEREAL Brown Rice Cream Lund.
7705 GRAINS Oats, Regular Rolled
7706 GRAINS Oats, Thick Rolled
7707 GRAINS Oats, Quick Rolled
7708 O GRAINS Oats, Rolled
7709 O GRAINS Barley, Flakes
7710 O GRAINS Rye Flakes
7711 O GRAINS Wheat Flakes
7712 GRANOLA Crunchy Rice Cereal Enjoy Life
7713 O GRANOLA Muesli, Blueberry Sunridge
7714 O GRANOLA Muesli, Swiss Style, Grizzlies
7718 O GRANOLA Divinely Organic Wildtime
7719 O GRAINS Triticale Flakes
7729 GRANOLA Ginger Snap Gld. Tmp.
7739 O NUTS Soynuts Dry R/No Salt
7740 O GRAINS Quinoa Flakes
7741 CEREAL Multigrain Flakes Wheatland
7746 BEANS Spagna
7747 BEANS Lamon
7785 TEA Tao Of Tea Lychee
7786 SNACKS Dark Chocolate Nonpareils
7789 O NUTS Pecan Halves
7791 GRANOLA Aunt Maple'S Crunchy Granola
7816 SNACKS Peach Honey Almonds
7820 GRANOLA Cranberry Orange Crunch Gldn Tmpl
7880 O HERBS Ginseng
7882 O HERBS Chrysanthemum Flowers
7883 O RICE Cal Rose White
7884 O RICE Cal Rose Brown Medium
7910 GRANOLA Aunt Ginger'S Snappy Granola
7999 HERBS Rice Protein Powder
8000 O HERBS Maca Root Powder

Note: "c/s" in a description means "cut and sifted"; "r/s" means "roasted and salted"; and, "HU" means the amount of Scoville heat units that is usual for peppers. "O" stands for Organic.