Q-S Bulk Products

6439 RICE Arborio Lundberg
6402 RICE Basmati Brown O
6453 RICE Basmati White O
6441 RICE Basmati White Indian Sunridge
6446 RICE Brown Rice - Germinated O
5059 RICE Cal Rose Brown Medium
7884 RICE Cal Rose Brown Medium O
7883 RICE Cal Rose White O
1177 RICE Countrywild Rice Blend
6411 RICE Forbidden China Black Lotus Foods
6870 RICE Jasmine Brown O
6442 RICE Jasmine Purple
7413 RICE Jasmine White, Lundberg O
5067 RICE Jasmine, Hinode
6406 RICE Long Brown Lundberg
6408 RICE Long Brown, Lundberg O
6404 RICE Long White
6413 RICE Long White Lundberg O
6407 RICE Short Brown Lundberg
6409 RICE Short Brown Lundberg O
6989 RICE Short Grain Premium Rice - Hinode
6400 RICE Sushi Brown (Golden Rose) O
6447 RICE Sushi Lundberg O
6410 RICE Sweet Brown O
6422 RICE Sweet White Koda Farms
5834 RICE Volcano Blend O
7435 RICE Wehani Lundberg O
6405 RICE White Medium New.Rose
6728 RICE Wild Blend O
6412 RICE Wild Calif. Mac Dougall’S O
6595 SALT Himalayan Crystallized Pink Salt, Fine
5068 SALT Himalayan Table
5300 SALT Real Redmond
6621 SALT Sea Giusto
6436 SEEDS Flax Seeds - Golden Whole O
6437 SEEDS Flax Seeds - Whole O
6883 SEEDS Iri Goma, Roasted White Sesame
6432 SEEDS Popcorn O
6433 SEEDS Popcorn, Multi-Colored O
6812 SEEDS Pumpkin Seeds - Dry R/S O
6815 SEEDS Pumpkin Seeds - Raw Chinese O
6806 SEEDS Pumpkin Seeds - Spicy
6825 SEEDS Sesame Seeds - Brown Whole O
6826 SEEDS Sesame Seeds - White Mech. Hulled O
6821 SEEDS Sunflower Seeds - Hulled
6822 SEEDS Sunflower Seeds - Hulled O
6764 SEEDS Sunflower Seeds - In Shell O
6829 SEEDS Sunflower Seeds - R/S
6820 SEEDS Sunflower Seeds - Whole Tamari
5953 SNACK Aussie Style Black Licorice
5952 SNACK Aussie Style Red Licorice
5146 SNACK Caramel Toffee Nut Mix
5144 SNACK Coconut Mango Pomegranate Chews O
5143 SNACK Greek Yogurt Odyssey O
5145 SNACK Peanut Butter Power Chews
6150 SNACKS Almond Krinkle
7684 SNACKS Animal Cookies
7619 SNACKS Banana Chips O
7677 SNACKS Bars, Peach Apricot New Life
7555 SNACKS Butter Toffee Almonds
7613 SNACKS Butter Toffee Peanuts Sunridge
7556 SNACKS Cappuccino Almonds
7639 SNACKS Cashew Butter Krinkles
7614 SNACKS Chocolate Covered Cherries O
1340 SNACKS Chocolate English Toffee
7616 SNACKS Chocolate Maltballs Sunridge
7399 SNACKS Chocolate Peanut Butter Malt Balls
6942 SNACKS Chocolate Stars, Milk Frosted
7610 SNACKS Chocolate Tofffee Pnut
7643 SNACKS Chocolate Truffle Almonds
5638 SNACKS Chunks of Energy, Cha Cha Chia O
7629 SNACKS Chunks Of Energy, Chocolate Paradise O
5640 SNACKS Chunks of Energy, Lemon Pomegranate O
5836 SNACKS Chunks Of Energy, Mixed Berry Blast
7012 SNACKS Chunks Of Energy, Raw Cacao Goji O
5691 SNACKS Cinnamon Stars, Frosted
7626 SNACKS Cranberries, Dark Chocolate O
7606 SNACKS Dark Chocolate Almonds
5084 SNACKS Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans O
7786 SNACKS Dark Chocolate Nonpareils
7605 SNACKS Dark Chocolate Raisins
7552 SNACKS Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt Cashews
5692 SNACKS Frosted Four Star Cookies
7160 SNACKS Ginger Chews
5950 SNACKS Ginger chews, peanut butter
7630 SNACKS Ginger Crystallized Reeds O
5750 SNACKS Hatch Chile Fiesta Mix
7557 SNACKS Honey Orange Almonds
1036 SNACKS Honey Roast Almonds
6835 SNACKS Honey Roast Nut and Fruit Mix
5940 SNACKS Japanese Rice Crackers O
7598 SNACKS Joyva Sesame Crunch
7631 SNACKS Lollipops O
7609 SNACKS Milk Chocolate Raisins
1038 SNACKS Natural Maple Almonds
7615 SNACKS Oriental Party Mix
7816 SNACKS Peach Honey Almonds
5673 SNACKS Peanut Butter Star, Frosted
7680 SNACKS Peanuts, Yogurt Sunridge
7344 SNACKS Pop'D Kern
7679 SNACKS Pretzels Mini
7694 SNACKS Pretzels, Dark Chocolate
5723 SNACKS Pretzels, Peanut Butter
7681 SNACKS Pretzels, Yogurt Sunridge
7560 SNACKS Raspberry Honey Almonds
7558 SNACKS Sesame Almonds
7394 SNACKS Sesame Garlic Sticks
7683 SNACKS Sesame Sticks
7335 SNACKS Sesame Sticks, Honey Roasted
7699 SNACKS Spelt Sticks
5747 SNACKS Spicy Thai With Bragg Aminos
7529 SNACKS Sundrops Dark Chocolate
7604 SNACKS Sundrops Peanut Sunspire
7603 SNACKS Sundrops Sunspire
7690 SNACKS Sunny Bears Natural O
7342 SNACKS Sunny Fruit Slices O
7405 SNACKS Sunny Worms O
6212 SNACKS Veggie Chips
5743 SNACKS Wasabi Green Peas
7329 SNACKS Wasabi Samuri Mix, Sunridge
7682 SNACKS Yogurt Raisins Sunridge
6924 SOY SAUCE Shoyu San-J O
6911 SOY SAUCE Tamari Wheat Free San-J
7159 SWEETENERS Agave Syrup O
5946 SWEETENERS Coconut Sugar O
6916 SWEETENERS Honey, Valley Blossom (Moonshine)
6903 SWEETENERS Maple syrup grade B SHADY MAPLE O
6667 SWEETENERS Sucanat
6606 SWEETENERS SUGAR, fructose
6664 SWEETENERS SUGAR, Powdered white
6610 SWEETENERS SUGAR, turbinado
6665 SWEETENERS SUGAR, unrefined O

Note: "c/s" in a description means "cut and sifted"; "r/s" means "roasted and salted"; and, "HU" means the amount of Scoville heat units that is usual for peppers. "O" stands for Organic.