Vendor Information

Growers & Farmers

The Co-op welcomes new local growers! Familiarize yourself with our Grower's Packet, and please email our Produce Department for additional information.

Local Vendor Profiles

Are you a farmer or producer within 100 miles of Davis? Fill out our Local Vendor Profile! Our Marketing department will use the information given to help promote your products to our shoppers and work with you to help the community know you better.

New Vendors

The Co-op reviews categories on a rotating basis. Please study our Category & Sub Category Review Calendar to discover when you should request an appointment with the Buyer for your product. When you have a handle on when we're next reviewing your category, please fill out our appointment request form. You're welcome to follow up with an email to the Buyer for the department relevant to your product—but please give them 7–10 business days to reply to your form submission, first! Our Buyers' contact info appears in the Category & Sub Category Review Calendar. Please, no phone calls or drop-in visits.

Current Vendors

We'd love for you to come to the Co-op to share your product knowledge with our Owners and community! All demos must be arranged with our Demo Coordinator over email, at least two weeks prior to the event date. Please email Katie at—she'll have you fill out a demo form and get you scheduled. If you have a specific date in mind, please check our Events Calendar first to make sure we don't already have events or demos booked. All demos must use products that we carry at the Co-op. That includes edible serving items like crackers, bread, or carrot sticks.

Item Request Form

If your contact at the Co-op has requested that you fill out a form and submit it to their email, this is the form you're looking for! Please fill it out completely, and send it to one of the email addresses listed at the bottom of the document.

Download Item Request Form