We were inspired by the Japanese practice of furoshiki to share how you can wrap gifts in pieces of fabric instead of traditional wrapping paper! While you can use any square cloth to tie furoshiki, Karla (your Co-op’s wellness manager) suggests trying it with our large 100% cotton dish towels. These dish towels come in a variety of seasonal patterns and colors. Fabric scraps from other projects can also be repurposed to tie furoshiki. You can decorate your fabric wrapped gifts further with dried herbs or flowers.


  • furoshiki to best fit your gift (we are using a cotton dish towel from the Co-op, folded to be square)
  • gift
  • optional: dried herbs, fresh flowers, gift tags to decorate

wrap your gift

There are many ways to tie furoshiki, but this is the most basic. Follow the steps below to wrap square and rectangular packages.