Hosting Friendsgiving 

There are a myriad of (completely understandable) reasons that people choose not to celebrate Thanksgiving. You may find yourself feeling the same way this year but still longing to gather around the table with good friends and good food. If that’s the case, a Friendsgiving may be an option for you! Whether this is your first attempt at hosting a gathering such as this or you are a seasoned pro, here are some quick tips to help you out.

First things, first

Pick a date and time! Have some open dialogue with your friend group to see what may work well for everyone. It is never too early to pick a date, especially since this is usually a very busy time of year for people. There are also no rules of when you have to meet…maybe it is not until December and maybe it is lunch instead of dinner!

Make note of special diets

You want everyone to be included and you never know where someone may be at with their current dietary requirements or choices. Check in when setting your menu and shopping list! Here’s a few things to keep in mind when preparing food for folks with special diets:

Hosting does not = Do everything alone

Lean on your friends and their skills to contribute if and how they are able to. It can be tempting to want to make it a one-person show but people generally want to help and you should enjoy yourself too instead of working overtime! This can can look like someone staying 20 extra minutes to help you with clean up/dishes or making your meal potluck style.

Make it Collaborative, Flexible & Fun

The cool thing about friends is that they usually have good ideas. And while some people like the idea of a gathering that mirrors a traditional Thanksgiving-style meal, that may not be appealing to your friend group. Be open to any and all ideas to make this gathering collectively your own. Maybe it is actually at a restaurant, or it is a picnic in a park. Maybe there are board games involved, or you opt to go on a hike instead. The opportunities are endless and all about gathering with friends in a way that you all can enjoy!