At the Davis Food Co-op, we are truly passionate about food.

We are proud to offer fresh, seasonal PRODUCE from local farms. Our GROCERY shelves are stocked with a variety of healthful products. Our MEAT department offers organic and natural options. In our deli you can find a rotating selection of delicious PREPARED FOODS. Our BEER + WINE department features the best of our local region as well as highly sought after imports. We also carry locally-made ARTISAN GOODS and WELLNESS PRODUCTS.

More than just a basic need, food is a delight, a celebration and a choice. Food is a lifelong adventure and our most intimate commodity. We're open from 7am to 10pm to sell you that food, with plenty of good people to help you find what you need. 364 days a year. The Davis Food Co-op offers an abundance of natural, organic and locally grown foods in addition to the traditional brands you may know well. We hope you'll enjoy exploring new foods as well as embracing old favorites.

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April 10, 2020

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