Full Belly Farm

Guinda, CA

Nestled in the Capay Valley is the 400-acre certified organic Full Belly Farm. Full Belly Farm is co-owned by Andrew Brait, Paul Muller, Judith Redmond, and Dru Rivers, as well as by second-generation owners Jenna Clemens and Amon Muller. The folks at Full Belly strive to be good stewards of the land under their care so that future generations can flourish, they have been certified as an organic farm since 1985. They produce a diverse array of vegetables, fruits, flowers, and nuts year-round. They also keep a herd of cows, chickens, sheep and goats on the farm.

We not only offer their produce instore but artisanal goods that they make in their farm kitchen as well. You can reliably find on our shelves their tomato sauce, safflower oil, jams, and marmalades.