Yolo Press Farm

Sacramento, CA

Yolo Press is a small, family-run farm that produces flowers, jams, skincare products, and organic extra-virgin olive oil of the highest quality. Yolo Press is run exclusively by the Madison family. They began planting olive trees in 1991 and their farm has grown exponentially since; they now have over 1700 olive trees of 16 different varieties. Their farm is located in the Sacramento Valley, where the climate is comparable to the Mediterranean with its sunny summer days and cool breezes at night, factors which produce exceptional olives. They make sustainability a priority in their operations, never using plastic and utilizing any waste that is generated as fertilizer. 

We carry many of their wonderful products in-store. We carry their skincare products in our Wellness department, their signature D. Madison & Daughters jams and marmalades in our grocery department, and of course, their extra-virgin olive oil as well.