Resolutions and Traditions of our DFC Staff

Matt A.

Resolution: Drink more green juice

Tradition: Plays at or attends a house show

Ryan V. 

Ryan is cynical and thinks New Years is arbitrary. 

Mike B.

Resolution/Tradition: Health and Wisdom for his family and friends


Tradition: Get a very fancy wine and watch the NYC 9:00 pm pst ball drop, then bed by 9:30 pm.

Resolution: Buy more good wine


Tradition: An evening and day to reset, eat pizza, watch Friends, and sleep. 

Resolution: She doesn’t make one, prefers to live in the present and be thankful for all that she has. Take it one day at a time.


Tradition: It is her partner’s birthday, so they go to a movie and have a mellow day. 

Resolution: Does not make one. Why put off till tomorrow what you can start today. 


Resolution: More vacations, more time for me. 


Tradition: Watch the eastern ball drop, then sleep 

Resolution: To never make a resolution

Laura S.

Tradition: Stay up with the kids and neighbors to watch fireworks. Her son likes to dress up and wore a suit last year. 

Resolution: Does not make resolutions 


Tradition: Stay up with family and celebrate. The kids scream and run around with sparklers and blow horns. 


Tradition: Everyone gathers around, writes down one regret on a piece of paper, shares if you want, and throws it in the fireplace or fire pit.


Resolution: My resolution is to stick to my monthly budget so I can save more money!

Vince O.

Resolution: ” Stereotypical, get in shape”

Tradition: Drive around with family and watch the fireworks in Sac