November’s Feedback Responses

Department Request/Comment Response from the Co-op

Request that we carry:

Nancy’s Organic non-fat plain yogurt in 64 oz, not just a 32 oz, please!


Thank you for your question. I looked into it and didn’t see the 64oz Non-fat Nancy’s yogurt in any of our distributors catalogs. I checked in with our main distributor’s rep and she told me the product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. So unfortunately we won’t be able to bring that back unless Nancy’s starts supplying that size again.

-Forrest, Center Store Manager

Produce There was a problem with staff or service:
Noticed that the loose spinach price on shelf tag is $6.99 per lb. but has been ringing up at $7.99 per lb. at the register. Its been like this for weeks, please rectify.


The tag was updated immediately.



Please stop selling English Ivory. It is invasive and needs to be burned! No amount is safe, even in planters.


When we order the hanging foliage from Norcal they arrive assorted. Sometimes they arrive with ivy and sometimes they do not (they are packaged by an outside source), they also offer an entire case of ivy which we’ve never ordered. The ivy that has been stocked has been purchased, without any concern. The hanging foliage is one of our top sellers, which we will continue to sell. I will reach out to our rep to see if they have any solutions or suggestions.

-Karla, Floral Specialist


We always seem to be out of:

Nourish Bread from Sugar Plum


We carry this item and it is located in Aisle 13.



In light of what is now being made known about Mexican “blood avocados”, I would like the board to consider no longer carrying Mexican avocados. We now know that Mexican drug cartels are largely behind Mexican avocado production and therefore benefitting greatly from it and that thousands of acres of rain forest are being burned down so avocado orchards can replace the forests. I know it will be hard to wean ourselves of Mexican avocados, but we have a moral and ethical obligation to try.

Email Response:

Hi, Thank you for reaching out and expressing your concern about the sourcing of our avocados. Luckily, as the article you provided mentions, fair trade avocados are free from these types of conflicts and that is what the Co-op sources. Our primary supplier of avocados come from Equal Exchange and they have a ton of great resources about their practices which can be found here: Since this issue is tied to operations, we typically respond directly to inquiries like this without involving the Board since they do not make day-to-day operations decisions. However, if you have further concerns that you would like to express to the Board, you can do so at any time by emailing [email protected]. Take care.

-Vince M, Marketing Manager