Taskforce Updates

Below you will find some short updates about what the various Task Forces have been up to lately. Keep checking the Board Blog for upcoming updates and news.

Board Elections TF & Nominations TF

The Elections Task Force is working to promote the upcoming election and finalize the information that will end up in the voter’s pamphlet.

The Nominations Task Force has met in recent weeks to discuss a possible informational session with the Board Director Candidates before this upcoming election.

The Bylaw Restatement TF

After receiving initial feedback and assessing current channels of communication with member-owners, the Board has taken the proposal to restate the Bylaws at this upcoming election off the table. The Board is instead hoping to engage member-owners in several forums based around sections of our Bylaws Restatement in an effort to facilitate more dialogue and generate interest and feedback. Our hope is that with this extra time and effort spent, we will have a successful vote sometime in the upcoming year.

GM Search TF

The General Manager search has been moving along in the background for some time now, and the executive search firm that the Board of Directors has hired is already producing a solid pool of candidates to be intereviewed. The Task Force also provided some sample criteria to the Board at the last Board of Directors meeting that will be a part of the process in selecting potential candidates for GM. The TF has also accepted a member-owner onto the team to help with the ongoing process.

Linkage TF

Over the last several months the Board of Directors has been struggling with member-owner linkage. The Linkage Task Force realized just how poorly our communication channels are functioning when we attempted to get feedback on the Bylaws Restatement proposal in early March. After a few open forums and email communications it was clear that the majority of the membership are not getting the information they need to make an informed decision on the Bylaws Restatement process this Spring. At the last Board of Directors meeting the Linkage Task Force recommended that the Board explore options for more thorough linkage based around the different aspects of the Bylaws Restatement. The TF plans to hold regular member forums soon. We are also assisting with planning the upcoming Annual Meeting, as well as helping to generate some linkage around the upcoming Board Elections.