A Record Six Openings!


Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2017! Let the New Year come with new promise, new opportunities and new commitments. As this year begins, the Board of Directors is moving ever closer to the revision and updating of our governing policies. These policies help us to govern which is our duty as directors. Our work as directors contributes to the long-term success of the Davis Food Cooperative. In March, we will hold a board retreat to finalize our polices and begin our long term planning process. In addition, the Board is in the process of preparing Bylaw changes for a Member-Owner vote later in the spring.

Not to skip right past winter but this spring also brings a record, six (!) openings for new directors on the board. Please consider running! This is an opportunity to participate in helping to shape the future of our beloved co-op. We welcome Member-Owners of all backgrounds, experience and expertise. Step up to the challenge. Our continued success depends upon Member-Owner involvement. Make Co-op involvement one of your New Year’s resolutions. Run, baby, run!