Election Q & A!


Understandably, our Ownership has raised good questions about the Proposed Restated Bylaws that we’re voting on this Spring. We thought we’d share a few insightful ones, and our responses, particularly in regard to the Co-op’s senior discount. We are voting only on a change to our Bylaws; we are not voting to remove any discount.

Are we voting to remove the Senior Discount?

Nope! The change to our Bylaws would only move decisions about discounts out of the Bylaws and into Policies that can be reviewed and assessed by management.

Here’s how the current Bylaws are written (this is what we propose to change, so that management can have greater flexibility):


Section 5. Membership Rights and Privileges.
(C) A member in good standing may purchase goods through the Cooperative at member prices to be established by the Board of Directors. A working member in good standing may purchase goods through the Cooperative at working-member prices that are 5% lower than member prices. A business shareholder may only purchase goods through the Cooperative at these prices for the use and purposes of the business.

Section 6. Rights and Privileges of Other Persons. Individuals over 62 years of age may purchase goods through the Cooperative at the same prices as working members in good standing of the Cooperative.

So… is the senior discount being eliminated?

Nope! The proposed bylaw change just gives Co-op management the ability to review and update discounts.

Can I share my feelings on this subject?

Please. You can communicate through our Suggestion Box at https://davisfood.coop/suggestionbox, or by phone or email to Prasanna Regmi, General Manager, or the Board at board@davisfood.coop

Well, what are we voting on??

Four Board Candidates, and a yes/no vote on the proposed restatement of our Bylaws. https://davisfood.coop/elections

What are the proposed restated Bylaws? Where can I read them?

On the Co-op Governance Board (cork bulletin) in the Front End, you'll find a paper copy of both the new and the old Bylaws. They're also online at davisfood.coop/bylaws

I didn't get an email or a mailed ballot.

We will make sure you can vote! Fill out a Voter Help form at the black ballot box in the store, to get a ballot reissued or to gain access to your online password. Or email admin@davisfood.coop for help!

As a Board, we’ll approve the results at our June meeting, Monday 6/12/17 at 6:30pm in the Teaching Kitchen at 537 G Street. Join us, if you’re interested! All Owners are welcome.