Last Chance To Vote!


The close of the Spring Election is fast approaching, and we’re on the edge of our seats! This is the first year Owners have been able to vote online, which is a huge leap forward for accessibility and modernity for our organization… and it allows us to track the rate of (online, not mailed ballot) voter participation. So far, well over 800 Owners have voted, and we’re approaching 11% of our electorate. A quorum (needed to pass the Bylaws proposal) would be 5% of our electorate. We won’t know the official election results until five days after the end of the election. But these numbers are good! The voter turnout to beat is that from 2010, when 1236 ballots were cast.

Here are a few more questions regarding the election, and our answers:

How do I vote online?

Go to the URL:
Enter your Owner ID and the password we mailed to your house in the Election Mailer. Your password was also emailed to Owners whose email addresses we have—if you didn’t get an email, it might be time to visit and share your email address with us. If you need us to reissue your voting password or your ballot because you prefer to vote by mail, just fill out a Voter Help form.

Can I still run for the Board?

No. Owners had to declare candidacy by April 3 in order to run this year. But you can run next year!

I am not sure about the vote. I do not know any of the candidates. How can I vote if I do not know them?

You can get to know the candidates on the second page of this PDF:

The Candidate's Statements (without photos) are also published on our Elections webpage:

Please let the Board know if you have any more questions ( Your voter participation is very important to us!

Is there a document that explains the changes that have been made to the bylaws and articles of incorporation? For example, a strikeout of old terms, and italicized new provisions?

The two sets of Bylaws, our current and our proposed restated, are very different documents. A side-by-side comparison or a strike-out version of the old Bylaws wouldn't be very useful, because they don't correspond very well. The documents that do exist, and that the Board encourages you to read and consider, are:

The current (40 year old, very long-winded) Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws:

The Proposed Restated Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws:

The Board wrote an explanation and analyses of the top changes, and we also included arguments for and against in the Election Mailer. That is also visible online:

What is the deadline to vote?

May 31, 2017 is your last day to vote. We'll know the results after the next Board meeting, June 12, at 6:30pm in the Teaching Kitchen at 537 G Street. Join us, if you’re interested! All Owners are welcome.