Signed, Sealed, Delivered—We're Yours!


Thank you, DFC Owners, for voting and taking part in one of the most successful election campaigns in recent history. We experienced a 15.4% participation rate with 1189 of our 7722 eligible member/owners voting (using our new dual paper-or-electronic method). This is in sharp contrast to our most recent elections where participation hovered in the 8% range. While still a small portion of our Ownership, it is progress in the right direction. We recently learned that voter participation at other cooperatives averages about 5 percent.

This election allows us to welcome two new Board members, Sharon Tobar and Treva Valentine, as well as the re-election of Karen Rich and Dana Marsh. Additionally, you approved the restatement of our Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws by a vote of 936 to 202 (82.2% vs. 17.8%).

Thank you to all past and present directors who served on the Bylaw Task Force over the past three years. We thank all the Owners who attended the three listening sessions, attended board meetings, visited with board members at patio take-overs, attended annual meetings, and all who voted in the special election that allowed DFC to hold elections via online voting.

The continuing Board is committed to involving interested Owners in the process of establishing policies consistent with the new Bylaws. This will include looking at more ways to engage DFC Owners in our planning process. We value your concerns, ideas and suggestions as Owners, and we look forward to hosting events where Owners will have input into future plans.

And most importantly, we express our appreciation and gratitude to DFC staff for their dedication to the task force, the elections, and above all our store and community.

Thank you for your continued support.

Stay tuned!