A Fond Farewell

The DFC Board thanks our outgoing Board members, Ed Clemens, past Treasurer, Steve Reynolds, past chair of the bylaws committee, and Doug Walters. Ed was a leader in the Finance and Audit Committee. Thanks to his hard work and dedication, we now have a living wage for co-op employees and a fiscal year date that allows the Board and GM to compare year to year financials. Steve’s leadership and patience helped the board rewrite the articles of incorporation and bylaws, which our Owners passed. Doug brought reflection and understanding as to why we did things in the past and why we needed change. I personally know of the long hours each one of our outgoing directors dedicated to the Co-op.

Our incoming members have big shoes to fill. But I know they are up to the challenge, otherwise our Owners would not have elected them to the Board. This year, we will focus on Owner and community outreach. We want to make sure that our Owners and community understand why a cooperative business is different from another type of ownership, and how a co-op benefits not just its Owners but the surrounding community as well. Democratic control is not the only way we are different, and we hope to share this as the year progresses.