Spring into Service!


A cooperative is a democratically controlled business. The Owners elect the Board, who represents the interests of all Owners. The Board is responsible for the long term sustainability of our store. The Board establishes Policies and Procedures which direct our General Manager in her day to day management of the store. Service on the Board can be enormously rewarding, frustrating, educational, challenging, interesting, deadly boring and fun. Desired qualifications include:

  • Business acumen
  • Communication skills
  • Management or board experience
  • Financial literacy
  • Integrity
  • Strategic thinking experience
  • Teamwork, participating in group decisions
  • Knowledge of the Co-op's business model
  • Knowledge of cooperative principles and values
  • Knowledge of the Davis Food Co-op
  • A sense of humor (not required but helps)

Historically the Board has had a wide variety of Directors with a wide variety of experience. This has been one of the Board’s strengths. The Board represents our diverse membership. Our Board should represent us all. Directors have included small business owners, lawyers, teachers, graduate students, retired police officer, certified public accountants, auctioneers and homemakers, to name a few. The time commitment required of Board members is typically five to six hours per month but can expand depending on the requirements of the Coop.

The ongoing success of the Coop depends on the willingness of member owners to step up and take their turn on the Board of Directors. I urge you to make the time to serve as a Director of your food coop.

If you are considering becoming a Director because of personal visions of power, don’t bother. The Coeop uses the Policy Governance model of corporate governance which leaves day to day management of the store in the hands of our hired managers.

Interested? Please fill out our simple Declaration of Candidacy, and submit your statement prior to March 23.