Donations and Sponsorships Summer 2018


How does the Co-op show concern for community?
Well,primaily though our donations and sponsorship program. Local organizations can submit requests for donations of gift cards to buy food or use as raffle prizes or ask the Co-op to be a sponsor of their event. We place priority on organizations and events that focus on food security, farming, co-ops and education.
This past quarter we donated to the Center for Landbased Learning for their Cannery Urban Farm Open House, the Woodland Parent Nursery School's Silent Auction, Farm to Fork to Fuel Bike Scavenger Hunt organized by the City of Davis and the UCD Design Department and more. Our sponsorships included providing the water truck at Whole Earth Festival, sponsoring the Kids Zone at Davis Pride and the Capay Valley Mother's Day Tour.
We have also been increasing our support to programs addressing food insecurity on campus. As well as continuing donations of produce to Fruit and Veggie up, we have also begun a partnership with Aggie Food Connection. Last week our produce department donated 10 cases of corn and a pallet of cantaloupe to the Yolo County Food Bank to distribute at the Solano Apartments on campus.