Late Fall Blog - November 2018


Changes! Changes!

Unless you’ve been living in an underground bunker for last three months, you’ve probably noticed that change has come to the co-op!) Walls have come down. There were noise and dust. Your favorite foods have moved! Some products seem to be gone all together. What is happening to your beloved co-op? Are we trying to drive you mad? (

Quite simply your co-op is changing to ultimately bring you a better shopping experience, more local produce and products, greater sustainability, and better accessibility for all shoppers. And as with all change, the process of becoming better is not always easy. Thanks for bearing with us. Awesome-ness takes time!

There are also other changes (some behind the scenes) that you should know about. Great care is being taken to make sure our already amazing staff has great training so that your shopping experience is both helpful and respectful. We’ve expanded our local produce to include more of our stellar, local farmers. (For example, we no longer carry Driscoll berries!) Our Deli includes more Asian specialties. You’ll notice new lighting soon to help illuminate our spanking new look.

As always, as we enter the season caring and sharing we turn our thoughts to how we can enrich the lives of others.

p.s. My husband still can’t find the Love Buzz coffee.

Faye Dixon, Vice President.