Happy Winter!


It’s been a while since we apprised our Co-op family of what is happening with the Board, so here is a quick update from your newest Board of Directors, Samantha and Theresa. We would like to share what’s been going on since we started and what cool things we have coming up.

As this past summer came to an end, we began to take on our new roles and responsibilities as Directors. We joined Board committees that are tasked with providing assistance in various aspects of governing our Co-op. We attended trainings to familiarize ourselves with policy governance and the Davis Food Co-op operations. We had opportunities to engage with our owners, shoppers, staff, and community members and we began the flurry of activities that take place annually in the Fall and Winter.

Veteran Board members did warn us “fall is the busiest time of the year” and boy, they were not kidding! What made it even busier this year was the first phase of the store reset, which is almost complete. Board members participated in an abundance of fun fall and winter events from celebrating local farmers, Co-op month, parades, bagging groceries, and serving the community dinner on Christmas Eve. These events brought us many opportunities to strengthen the connection to our community and Co-op as we move towards the future.

Winter and spring will bring their own seasonal changes to the Board and your Co-op. You’ll see the Co-op get a fresh coat of paint on the inside, a new wellness counter, and look for a compost bin outside the store coming soon! Annual elections are almost upon us again. Three seats on the Board of Directors will be available (check out the elections page on davisfood.coop). In the meantime, monthly Board meetings will continue to be held and we invite our owners to attend! See our schedule on the Davis Food Co-op website or posted in the store on the Governance board. At our round table meetings you can hear about ideas and the hard work that the Board of Directors have been busy with in their committees.

One interest to us, is increasing the Co-op’s ability to address environmental sustainability. We are committed to bringing to the forefront discussions surrounding eco-sustainability. To that end we are really excited to collaborate with others in the community by creating more opportunities for training and education of board members, staff and customers. Speaking of environmental sustainability, our new reset provides the opportunity for customers to shop in bulk with their own containers and we hope this section of our store continues to flourishes, as it is now front and center.

As the dust from the remodel settles we are ready to clear our minds and set our sights on the future: an amazing cooperatively run grocery store that has the ability to inspire positive changes within our community and beyond.

Yours cooperatively,

Theresa and Samantha