DFC & UC Davis Partnership


In November 2018, we started a partnership with the Community Regional Development program at UC Davis. They were interested in fostering a relationship with our Co-op and we felt the same! In November, we hosted our first event with La Riojana, a cooperative winery from Argentina. It was a great opportunity for students to learn their awesome story and taste some fair trade and organic wine.

This partnership seeks to educate students and community members on ethical and equitable business practices. Tasting events will be arranged to bring the Community Regional Development program at UC Davis and the Davis Food Co-op together in conjunction with local purveyors in an effort to spur discussion and create convivial and educational atmospheres. The potential benefits of this partnership are Education (the 5th cooperative principle!), training, and information. We are looking forward to establishing some exciting connections with UCD students, faculty, and staff.
Going forward, Pachamama Coffee is scheduled for February and Cloverleaf Farms in March. We will discuss sustainable practices, community economics, cooperatives, value-added products, and cooperative business structure in both of these (and future) events.