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I’m sure you’ve seen it. A yellow background, a woman clad in denim with a red bandana, pumping her fist into the air, with the caption “We Can Do It” across the top. Rosie the Riveter might be the most famous image to come out of the WWII era. During the era, she represented the working women that supported the war. Today, she is utilized as a symbol of women’s empowerment. But in my view she is more than that; she is a call to think outside the box, imagine things different than what they seem, be inclusive, creative, and a change of positive force for the world. And that is what our co-op strives to do. “We can do it” to me means that we can choose to shop different, we can create a stronger community, we can act and think in ways that benefit not just ourselves but others as well.

And at the co-op “we can do it” starts with elections. The Davis Food Co-op (DFC) is democratically run; each of our over 10,000 owners has the opportunity to vote each year for important changes to co-op governance. In May, you will have the opportunity to vote. There are four seats open on the Board of Directors. What is important to you about the DFC and how do you see it growing in the next year, five years, ten years and beyond? These are the people responsible for creating that vision and aiding the DFC general manager in achieving that vision.

So here are all the details of how it works:

May 2nd is our annual meeting. This is where our ownership has the opportunity to learn about the past year and start looking forward to the next year. You will also meet and hear from the 5 candidates that are running for the board.

On May 13th you’ll receive your voting ballot in one of two ways:

    • In your mailbox

    • In your e-mail box

You have two weeks to vote; voting will end May 30th at 10 pm. You can also find a voting station in the store.

On June 10th at the final Board meeting of the Board year, you’ll find out the results of the election. Then, on July 8, 2019, the four newly elected Directors will be seated and the Board continues on with its work.

The co-op model of operation sets your grocery store apart from others in the area. We are imagining a different way to build community through something as seemingly mundane as grocery shopping. We are pushing boundaries. We are working for a better future for our owners, Davis, and beyond. And “we can do it” together.

Yours cooperatively,

Samantha Conselman, DFC Board Member