SunFed Ranch, Grass Fed & Grass Finished Beef

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Thanks to trusted partnerships with local ranchers like SunFed Ranch, we maintain the commitment to bring our customers sustainably raised, certified organic, grass fed and grass finished beef.
Based in Woodland, California, SunFed Ranch has more than 150 years of combined family ranching history, knowledge and experience raising cattle sustainably and humanely. They have organic ranches in Northern California and have raised the bar for grass fed beef. What makes them a favorite for our customers?

  • SunFed Ranch beef is 100% grass fed and grass finished. Pasture raised as nature intended, cattle consume a diet of grasses and natural forages. Cattle are never fed any form of corn or grains.
  • SunFed Ranch beef is certified Organic. That means the beef contains NO hormones or antibiotics.
  • SunFed Ranch grass fed beef is healthy. SunFed Ranch’s grass fed beef is lower in fat and cholesterol and is higher in Omega 3s and CLA’s – conjugated linoleic acid.
  • SunFed Ranch is local. They support local farming communities by partnering with other family ranchers. SunFed Ranch has no feedlots or confinements. Cattle are pasture raised and roam freely.
  • SunFed Ranch makes the environment a priority. SunFed Ranch engages in regenerative agriculture to improve pasture diversity and plant population. They rotate and move the cattle to ensure pastures are not depleted of nutrients and the native plants and grasses are able to regenerate.

In a nutshell, SunFed Ranch has perfected the art of humanely raising grass fed cattle to produce tender, juicy steak and flavorful ground beef. As ranchers, SunFed Ranch, controls every aspect of the supply chain to produce top quality beef. This is beef you can feel good about eating.

Find SunFed Ranch organic ground beef and organic steaks in the Davis Co-op meat department today!