November Blog

Alas November has come!

The board of directors had a great time with all of the cool events that occurred in October and we loved seeing all the owners at the Owner Appreciation Party! During the holidays in November and December, you might see the Board members in the store, as we will be helping bag groceries during some of the busiest shopping times. We also look forward to sharing the Holiday Meal at the Veterans Memorial Hall on December 24th where all of the community is welcome!

While attending the many events or shopping at the store in October we hope you were able to visit the new "Vision Board" (located next to the kid's area). As you may know, the board and the staff are working on a 5-year strategic plan (Vision Plan). From the Vision Board, we have been collecting comments/suggestions from owners and shoppers to give us their input. We have had a great response from many and value your ideas. Feedback from owners, shoppers, staff & board will be considered as we put together the Strategic Plan. A draft should be presented at the November board meeting.

Here is a summary of some of the high-level strategies that have been developed so far. We look forward to adding more as we collect more input from shoppers, owners, staff and board members.

  1. Improve and Expand DFCs Financial Sustainability and Growth

  2. Create and support a Co-op culture at DFC

  3. Assure that tools, training, communication, and culture empower staff as partners in-store success

  4. Position DFC for success in a rapidly changing market

  5. Be a model for environmental sustainability

  6. Establish DFC as a vital community institution.

Many thanks from the Board of Directors to all our owners and shoppers for your cooperation!