Draft FDA Regulations support "food safety circus," not small & organic farmers

The Cornucopia Institute (of WI) has published an action alert, because they believe the "FDA’s new food safety rules have the real potential to force some of the safest local and organic farms out of business!"

They continue, "[i]n response to deadly outbreaks involving spinach, peanut products and eggs, Congress acted decisively three years ago to pass the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Giant factory farms and uninspected imports are, literally, poisoning US citizens. Better oversight is needed but it looks like regulators and corporate agribusiness are using the FSMA to simultaneously competitively crush the organic and local farming movements."

"Unfortunately, the FDA’s draft regulations designed to implement the new law appear to ignore the will of Congress. Instead, the regulations would ensnare the country’s safest family farmers in burdensome regulations in a misdirected attempt to rein in abuses that are mostly emanating from industrial-scale factory farms and giant agribusiness food processing facilities."

You can read their full Action Alert here.

Source: http://www.cornucopia.org/food-safety