No trans fats. That's our in-house commitment. Pair that with a love for truly delicious vegan baked goods (which we import from Sugarplum Vegan in Sacramento and Butterfly Vegan right here in Davis), and a keen interest in gluten-free options, and you've got our number. We keep it pretty simple: our cookies, muffins, bread and scones are baked fresh every day, and we share shelf-space with folks like Village Bakery, Greenlees and Cake Couture, who bring us their own fresh-baked goodness because our members want choices. We bake (or bring home the baked-uns) so you don't have to. Even though we know you probably love to, too. We see that love... and we'll raise you a DFC Cowboy Cookie.

What is local? Look for the “Local” tags in produce (and all around the store) to find items produced within 100 miles of Davis. Whether local or not, the Co-op labels every produce item with its origin, so you know how far your food traveled. Our Local Food List is a neat thing to browse, if you have the time and inclination.