Spring on the DFC Board!


Spring is election time at the Davis Food Co-op, and this year we’re fortunate to have four candidates on the ballot, running for three 3-year terms on our Board of Directors. The runner up will win a 1-year seat as Board Alternate (participating in discussion, and voting when a full-term director is unable to attend). A democratically elected board is the hallmark of a cooperative business, so PLEASE EXERCISE YOUR CO-OP RIGHT TO VOTE!

Meanwhile, here is a brief update on what the Board been up to since January:

  • In February, we stayed in close contact with our General Manager as several store departments joined forces to increase the effectiveness of our store’s operations and management. During this process, we were sorry to see the departure of several long-term employees, but happy to see other committed staff-members move up to new responsibility in DFC management. We’ve noted a few bumps during the transition, but are excited to see new traction in departments, and staff working hard to do a great job.

  • In March, the Board held several owner-linkage events surrounding our bylaws. We also resumed regular, active monitoring of our store policies with interim general manager Steve Kobs (a critical piece of the Policy Governance system). We’ve been grateful for Steve's experience, and impressed by the new thoroughness we’re seeing in staff reports to the Board.

  • In April, based on owner feedback, the Board opted to hold off on putting the Bylaws Update to a vote. We’ll look forward to bringing the Update back at a future election, following additional Q&A. Also in April, the Board added a final member (owner Malia McCarthy) to our GM Search Task Force. The TF has since been working diligently, along with our executive search consultants, screening and interviewing candidates for the GM position. They will be reporting back in May, and we’re looking forward to reviewing their work!

Finally, we’d like to invite all owners to join the DFC’s Annual Meeting, scheduled for 5:30 on Sunday, May 22nd at the University Retirement Center auditorium. We look forward to sharing our year in review, and the opportunity to discuss all things co-op. Please go to the DFC website to RSVP!