Fond Farewells & A Bright Welcome


Thank you to the member-owners of the Davis Food Cooperative for participating in your 2016 election. One of the key principles of a cooperative is Member ownership and control.

The Board thanks departing directors Ben Pearl (President), Diane Parro (Vice President), Vincent Ortiz, and Tom Hagler. These volunteers worked hard and diligently on your behalf; we will miss their experience and wisdom. Thank you, Ben, Diane, Vince & Tom -- we will miss you.

The Board welcomes newly elected members E. Kim Coontz, Errol Cabinian Dauis, Dana Marsh and Doug Walter (alternate). They eagerly joined continuing Board members Karen Rich, Ken Bradford, Ed Clemens, Steve Reynolds, J. Faye Dixon and Sandra Schickele (who served as an alternate last year) on two evenings in July for board orientation and training. The new Board held its first meeting on July 11, 2016 and elected officers for the 2016-17 Board Year: Karen Rich (President), Ken Bradford (Vice President), Ed Clemens (Treasurer) and Sandra Schickele (Secretary).

The Davis Food Cooperative welcomes new General Manager Prasanna Regmi to our team. Her enthusiasm and support for your store, employees and you as owners is contagious. Don’t be shy when you see her smiling face, go up and introduce yourself.

Thanks again to all who voted – but you can do more as a Member-Owner. As the year progresses we will be sharing with you opportunities to support your cooperative, such as joining a task force. And as a friendly reminder, don’t forget the most important way you can support the cooperative business you own is with your shopping dollars. Shop at your cooperative grocery store frequently and enjoy the pride of ownership!