A New Year Begins


Your new Board of Directors (introduced in last month’s blog) has continued our monthly meetings through the summer, while various Task Forces (composed of Board members, staff and other Co-op Owners) meet much more often to do the important work of co-operative governance. We are all excited about the coming year and what we can do to improve our co-op’s governance.

Our first step is an intensive workshop in September to rethink and rewrite governance policies that need updating. This will be a one day working retreat of all Board members together with General Manager Prasanna Regmi to develop policies that are easily understood and clearly reflect preferred means to reach our established Ends. At the same time, the Board is learning how to better use “Policy Governance” (the form our Co-op has chosen) to monitor and ensure compliance with all our policies.

Our second big task is to ask you—our Shareholders, Members, Owners—to join us in finishing the big job: crafting and passing a new and functional set of bylaws for our Co-operative. We’ll say much more about this in future blog posts and other communication.

How will these steps help you as an Owner and Member of the Davis Food Co-op? With updated policies & bylaws, your Board and staff will have the right tools to do their jobs, avoiding pitfalls of the recent past and allowing the Board to focus on long-term strategy for the cooperative. This strategy needs to be developed so that we can all continue to shop at a grocery store we own, sustaining it successfully into the future with a reasonable profit to distribute to all Owners.

The Board’s Member Linkage Task Force is planning events throughout the year to keep you up to date on the Board’s activities and also give you opportunities to share your ideas and thoughts with us. The first of these is coming up soon, September 25:

Sunday On The Patio: from 4-6pm on Sunday, September 25, Owners can stop by to meet and talk with General Manager Prasanna Regmi (and some board members) while enjoying complimentary beer or wine and sampling goodies from our fabulous cheese department.

Don’t forget to shop your store - Try the new all-organic salad bar (first one in town) or some of the many new hot dishes, see the gorgeous new produce displays, and be sure to thank our staff for their hard work, dedication & creativity!