Special Election Success


Welcome to the Season of Light!

Winter is upon us! The air feels colder, the days seem shorter, and the early rains are hopefully a harbinger of an easing drought. However, as autumn gives way to winter, December actually welcomes the return of light. As a co-op we often embrace this as a season to bring brightness to our community. As you can see posted in our store there are many opportunities for member-owners to share resources with the needy and think of ways to enrich our commitment to the larger community.

This also represents a time to tie up loose ends and think about the future. Towards this end, we are happy to announce the successful completion of our November Special Election. We asked you, our member-owners, to vote on two propositions. Proposition #1 proposed a revision to our fiscal year bringing us in line with the 21st century financial world. Proposition #2 proposed the option to implement electronic voting in future co-op elections. Both propositions passed! This will assist in our journey to more fully embrace the tenets of cooperative, democratic governance.

Lastly, as you gather with friends and family for the varied celebrations our diverse community has to offer, let us remember the importance of inclusiveness.