Your co-op is an amazing grocery store but it is also a democratic institution, dedicated to good governance. Part of our mission is to make sure that your ideas and concerns are represented. As a part of this end, we hold elections each spring to select representatives who reflect your views. It was very exciting to have such a strong slate of candidates eager to participate. Elected to three-year terms are returning directors Kim Coontz, Sandra Schickele, and Samantha Conselman. Joining the board for a two-year term is new director, Patrick Beckett. For full election results see the Elections page on the Davis Food Co-op website (https://davisfood.coop/about/elections).

The return of incumbent directors and the arrival of a brand new one means that we bid farewell to Errol Cabinian Dauis. He was an integral part of our team who served on numerous committees and always contributed thoughts and ideas in a well thought out manner. We thank him for his service and wish him the best!

Though a time of transition, plans are already underway for what we are hoping to accomplish this board year. The draft of a five-year strategic plan for the DFC is underway with an initial review date set for October. If you took the 2019 Owner Survey you may know that we are currently considering plans to offer investment shares; this board year we hope to come up with a more concrete plan for this. We will aim to enhance board processes and governance through the implementation of a procedures manual. Plans are already underway for how the Board will aid staff for events and outreach on behalf of the Davis Food Co-op. It is going to be a busy and productive board year! As we end the board year we’ve reflected on all that happened for our co-op and look forward to seeing the efforts pay off while continuing to forge ahead with big goals and big dreams for the DFC. Thank you for being a part of this vision!

- Davis Food Co-op 2018-2019 Board of Directors

Samantha Conselman, E. Kim Coontz, Errol Cabinian Dauis, J. Faye Dixon, Karen Rich, Theresa Robinson, Sandra Schickele, Sharon Tobar, Treva Valentine