Donations and views on Proposition 37

Proposition 37 puts RIGHT TO KNOW on the California ballot in November, 2012

The Davis Food Co-op has not taken a position on whether recombinant-DNA technology is appropriate in food or other crops. We have, generally, been supportive of clear and fair labeling of products, and the general "right to know." That's why we support Proposition 37 on the November ballot in California.

Opponents of 37 have stated that it is actually a way to reduce choices. There is quite a lot of money being spent in this election, especially against Prop. 37. Some of the proponents of Prop. 37 are telling consumers that companies opposed to it own familiar "natural" and organic brands (some of which are placed on sale in the Co+op Deals flyer).

Through our membership in the National Cooperative Grocers Association (the source of the Co+op Deals), we are part of Just Label It. This is a coalition of more than 350 partner organizations representing the health care community, consumer advocates, farmers, concerned parents, environmentalists, food and farming organizations, retailers, businesses, the faith-based community, and many more concerned with protecting the consumer’s right to know. These organizations have joined together in support of the FDA petition and the mandatory labeling of GE foods.