Original Authors Criticize USDA's New Organic Policy in Sunsetting of Materials

Senator Pat Leahy and Rep. Pete DeFazio were writers of the Federal legislation that established the National Organic Program (NOP) in the US Department of Agriculture. The National Organic Coalition - which includes the National Cooperative Grocers' Association, our cooperative-of-food cooperatives - is drawing attention to their letter to the NOP, criticizing the change to policy about "sunsetting" synthetic materials that certified organic farmers are temporarily allowed to apply to plants. They object to both the substance of the decision and the restrictive and flawed process by which the NOP decided to turn the policy "on its head."

Activist groups, including the Cornucopia Institute, charge that this new policy is part of "capitulating to corporate interests" by the NOP. Learn more about this issue by downloading the letter they wrote to the Secretary of Agriculture.