Meat & Seafood


(to the tune of the Brady Bunch song)

It's the story...
of a lovely Co-op...
who was serving up some very lovely meat...
all of it sustainable, with no hormones--the freshest meat in town!

Our house-made sausages and fresh ground meats are out of this world, but our shoppers frequently tell us they choose Co-op meats because our standards mean humane animal treatment and strict rules on product purity. No added hormones or antibiotics, ever. We're proud to offer meat and seafood you can trust, prepared by skilled in-house butchers who can prepare your cuts exactly the way you like. We are focused on freshness and sustainability, as are our producers, who practice responsible farming and animal husbandry. These ranchers and farming families believe the health of their animals translates to the health of our food system.

Sustainable Sashimi!The Co-op is also a proud supporter of sustainable fishing. We work with Fishwise to promote the health and recovery of ocean ecosystems through environmentally responsible practices. Our in-house Sushi chefs are committed to sustainable seafood and freshness, all day, every day. Here's a quick look at our favorite families and sustainable programs:

Diestel Farms' Turkeys come from Sonora, California. The Diestel family has been raising and processing turkeys since 1949. In 2011, Jason Diestel wowed our Co-op staff with a fascinating tour of the Sonora ranch that he and his family continue to run. Their commitment to animal welfare was evident at every turn: from their homemade feed (which includes California kel, sea salt, and non-GMO soy and non-GMO corn for all of their birds, when market prices allow), their attention to composting feathers and bi-products for pasture health, and their pride in their birds' robust quality of life. Co-op staff hiked through rotating, protected pastures in the Sierras, socialized with gaggles of turkeys, and asked question after question. We're proud to carry Diestel's free-range turkeys, their organic turkeys, their Heirloom turkeys and their smoked turkeys for Thanksgiving, year after year. Have a special order? Call our Meat Department, they'd be glad to help. 530-758-2667, ext 138

FishWise Sustainable Seafood Program is a Santa-Cruz-based program working with retailers and restaurants to ensure the seafood they sell is harvested using methods that ensure environmental health and strong seafood populations for generations to come. At the Co-op meat counter, you will find every seafood item labeled with the catch method, and green label for “best choice” items, or yellow label when there is “some concern.” The Co-op opts not to offer varieties of seafood that Fishwise labels red, as it those species are threatened.

Five-Dot Ranch Beef is raised on pastures near Standish, California (about 250 miles from Davis). Five-Dot is the Co-op’s major beef supplier, providing you with all-natural beef, range fed on grass and alfalfa, finished on grain grown on or local to the ranch, and given plenty of room to roam. Five Dot Ranch is certified by the Food Alliance for their commitment to sustainable farming practices.

Frank's Basque Family Farm has been raising lamb in the hills outside of Tracy, California (about 85 miles from Davis) for four generations. Their lamb has a distinctive, mild flavor, primarily due to the mother's milk, the quality natural feeds, and fresh water that they are provided. The operation is a closed end farm in that every ewe in the flock has been born and raised under the careful watch of Frank and his family.

Llano Seco Pork is raised near Chico, California (about 90 miles from Davis). Their hogs are fed GMO-free, vegetarian grains and legumes, 80% of which are grown on the Rancho. All animals are confinement-free for 100% of their lives, humanely treated with best practices certified by Global Animal Partnership, and are never fed antibiotics or growth hormones. Llano Seco prides itself in its holistic approach to ranching, with a mission to provide a variety of products while caring for the people, the animals and the land.

Mary's Free Range Chickens are produced by Pitman Family Farms, a family-owned business that has been raising poultry for three generations in Sanger, California (about 205 miles from Davis). Mary’s Free-Range Chickens grow naturally with plenty of room to roam in a caring environment. Mary’s chickens are cooled with a state-of-the-art “Air Chill” system, which helps inhibit the spread of bacteria by keeping all of the chickens independent and saves 30,000 gallons of chlorinated water every day.

Niman Ranch Lamb comes from a network of farms and ranches, all of whom are committed to raising all-natural livestock through sustainable farming methods. Niman Ranch farmers and ranchers select traditional breeds that produce healthy animals and have been proven to produce superior-quality meat. By raising animals in modest numbers and using traditional farming methods, Niman Ranch farmers and ranchers preserve the integrity of the land and waters for themselves, their families and their communities.

New! Sun Fed Ranch produces premium organic grass fed and grass finished beef. Based in Woodland, these sustainably-minded family ranchers in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest are a dream to work with. We think you'll agree their products are first-rate!

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