The Vine, July/August 2012

Please note that this PDF is the same as the printed version, so newsletter items are not updated here if there are changes after the newsletter goes to print. 

Stories in this issue:

  • From the General Manager "FAQ regarding new competition" by Eric Stromberg
  • From the Membership Director "Should Electronic Voting Be Our Co-op's Future?" by Doug Walter
  • Final election results
  • Staff Picks from Rachel Quinn, Amber Hiris, Dylan Davis, & Elaine Mihailoff
  • "Ask the Co-op" by Julie Cross
  • Bulk Buys "Impossible Chocsicles" by Sarah Mandel
  • "Picking Your Battles with Picky Eating" by Brietta Oaks
  • "Leaves of Three" by Sarah Mandel
  • "Home Remedies for Summer Ailments" by Amy Radbill
  • Recipes "New Slow Food Chapter in Davis!" by Tony Gruska
  • Recipes "Summer Fruit Tart is Perfect For Entertaining" by Pru Mendez The Co-op Calendar, Classified Advertising and The Suggestion Box!