The Vine, October 2012

Please note that this PDF is the same as the printed version, so items are not updated here if there are changes after the newsletter goes to print. 

Stories in this issue:

  • From the General Manager "We Report to G Street, They Report to Wall Street" by Eric Stromberg
  • From the Membership Director "Consumer, Participant, Leader: Make It Your Co-op!" by Doug Walter
  • From the Board "A Shout Out to the Staff" by Zoë Plakias
  • "Mark Your Calendar for Wednesday, October 10!" by Dina Biscotti
  • "Staff Picks" from Shekaya McCarthy, Amrit Kaur, Hakim Young, I'talia McCarthy, & Kyle Lockhart
  • "Ask the Co-op: Food Facts" by Julie Cross
  • Bulk Buys "Autumn Quinoa Salad" by Sarah Mandel
  • "The Co-op Is Collecting Coats and Shoes for Kids" by Julie Cross
  • "Cool Davis Festival Celebrates One Cool City" by Kerry Danae Loux and Lynne Nittler
  • Producer Profile "Diestel Family Turkey Ranch" by Julie Cross
  • "Pomegranates" by Kathy Lorenzato
  • Suggestion Box "Suggesting a New-Fangled Way"