February 2013: The Vine

February 2013, The Vine, front cover

Please note that this PDF is the same as the printed version, so items are not updated here if there are changes after the newsletter goes to print.

Stories in this issue:

  • From the Editor "Sharing the Love" by Holly Istas
  • From the Membership Director "Build a cooperative business: invest, participate" by Doug Walter
  • Farm to Table "Buried Treasure" by Jim Eldon, Tony Gruska and Rhonda Gruska
  • Cooking Instructor Profile "Vegan Por Vida" by Kathy Lorenzato
  • "Total Soupremacy" by Georgia Mckenzie
  • "The Ultimate Candy Box, Bulk Aisle Style" by Sarah Mandel
  • "Of Yogurt and Unicorns: A Love Letter to Davis" by Suzanne Miller
  • "A (dark!) Chocolate a Day Keeps the Doctor Away" by Sandy Weaver
  • "Home Made Mochi? Yes, You Can!" by Rae Gouirand