Feel Good. Eat Davis.


Davis, California. A half-hour drive from the mouth of the great Capay Valley--the same valley that supplies some of the best restaurants in the world with produce worthy of a James Beard award. But while San Francisco shivers most of the year, Davis and its surrounding farmland enjoy Mediterranean temperatures that make pomegranates and figs swell with sweet pride. Grapes drip from vines, apricots and freestone peaches hold their sugars up high and toss their colors into the sunset. Herbs flourish and flowers plume and it's hard to believe any one place could get so lucky.

At the Davis Food Co-op, we bring that luck in by the bucketful and arrange it, beautifully, so you can shop for your dinner in the Garden of Eden. We make sure we have what you need, year-round: avocados, apples, grapes, tomatoes, bananas, berries, broccoli, carrots, tender lettuces... But our heart belongs to our farming friends in Esparto, Guinda, Winters, Woodland, and (not terribly far) beyond. On small, organic farms, the season's harvest is a work of art. At the Co-op, we certainly do court food from outside our bioregion. Conventional, too. We need dragonfruit, lemongrass, tumeric root, bean sprouts, guavas, and so much more, for the exceptionally well-rounded cornucopia that is our Produce Department. Anytime you'd like to inquire as to what that cornucopia currently holds, please just give us a call. But alongside those diverse flavors, we also carry kale that redefines the letter "K." That's from Riverdog Farms. And those creamy, baby-white turnips that you hardly have to warm in a pan to elevate to Michelin star-fruits? Those are Full Belly Farm turnips. That chard that seems to add colors to the rainbow? Good Hummus grew that. And those pistachios you're eyeing for your mother's baklava cake recipe? Terra Firma Farm. They'll be the creamiest pistachios you've ever had, perhaps because they come from the same earth that gives us our very first strawberries of the Spring.

What is local? Look for the “Local” tags to find items produced within 100 miles of Davis. Whether local or not, the Co-op labels every produce item with its origin, so you know how far your food traveled.

What is conventional? That's anything we carry without organic certification. We carry conventional goods for seasonal and practical reasons. Sometimes organic is too expensive to be the only option, and sometimes conventional lychees are the only ones available.

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