Sustainably Farmed Blueberries


While not certified organic, Neilson's Blueberries from Buckeye Creek Farms is committed to environmentally friendly, sustainable, practices that preserve our agricultural lands while providing premium products with a reasonable return.

These practices include:

Irrigation applied to the root zone in the needed amounts using:

  • Dual Drip Lines for uniformity and minimal evaporation
  • Soil Moisture Meters
  • Blueberries and Olives (water efficient crops)
  • A Weather Station to monitor weather and watering as needed

Fertilizers are applied at the right place, in the right amount, and at the right time.

  • Soil and leaf analysis determine the needs, including micronutrients, for soil health
  • Application to the root zone thru the drip lines or a special side delivery spreader

Pest Control using cultural and natural practices when possible

  • Use of owl and bat houses to attract natural predators for rodent and insect control
  • Mulch (Almond shell) is applied to minimize weeds and maintain soil moisture
  • Blueberries are hand weeded prior to harvest
  • Bird control using a predator squawker, hawk kites, flashers and wind mills

Energy: efficient use of power

  • Solar Panels
  • Electric Carts
  • No till
  • Efficient planning of deliveries

Employees are provided with a good income in a clean, safe, friendly working environment

We are so lucky to have such amazingly flavorful blueberries grown with careful attention to detail. Thank you to all the people at Buckeye Creek who make these berries, olive oils and vinegar possible.

Source: information provided by Buckeye Creek Farms