January/February 2017

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Q: I'd like to praise all the staff! Especially the new chef!! The Coop has made so many improvements and I'm loving it. Are most items on the hot and cold bar organic? I love that the Sacramento Coop is all organic, can we do the same? The staff is awesome. I love the Davis Food Co-op and I've been a member for a very, very long time. :) How about posting what's on the hot food bar for the day or week online? Bread was at an all time low during the holidays...

M. H.

A: Wow, thanks for the super kind words and great suggestions. We love our staff, and are pretty proud of our new Kitchen Manager, Bryan Hankins. Every item on the salad bar (cold) is organic. We have the only 100% Organic Salad Bar in all of Davis! Our hot bar is not all-organic, although many items are. We're great about labeling ingredients, and when quinoa or veggies (et cetera) are organic, we say so on the label above the hot dish. As for posting our offerings online each day (or once a week)—that is a wonderful idea! We are moving in the direction. Meanwhile, we make an effort to post exciting food arrivals on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter. Please follow us on those networks, if you'd like to know when something delicious has just come out of the oven. Regarding the bread during the holidays—eeesh. So sorry about that. We've recently changed the way we manage our bread stock, so next holiday season should be much smoother! Thanks again for taking the time to write to us. You make the Co-op world go 'round!

Lis Harvey, Marketing Manager

Q: Maple Hill Creamery has 100% Grass Fed, artisan-quality yogurts... Delightful in flavor and texture, the perfect morning experience. I am so sad every time I walk by the yogurt section and do not see Maple Hill Creamery Yogurt. The days I want to purchase yogurt I end up shopping at Nugget (the only store in Davis that carries Maple Hill Creamery yogurt). I much prefer Coop over Nugget, and would be so happy if the store could try carrying Maple Hill Creamery for a bit. I know other members and customers would enjoy the product just as much as I do!

M. M. R.

A: Hello! I am working on bringing them in. Thanks for the suggestion!

Michael Van Berg, Chill Department

Q: Just want to thank whoever found my phone in the parking lot today. I was shopping this morning around 10:30 and did not notice that I had dropped my cell phone in the parking lot when I got out of my car. When I returned to my car, someone had left the phone on my hood. Thank you!

P. A. W.

A: We have such an awesome community! Thanks for being a part of it.

Lis Harvey, Marketing Manager

Q: Please look into improving member / guest Wi-Fi... it really barely works on the patio, nor inside the store. This improvement is long overdue. What is going on?

There seems to be an issue with the hot food bar overheating. Since early fall, the morning breakfast has been ruined -- crunchy hash browns and potatoes, really dry French toast and eggs, etc... to top it off, the serving spoon handles were scorching hot and required a wad of napkins to handle. Been loving the fresh-made a.m. foods for years, until recently with this occurring.

I'd like to praise the smart people who solved our cart-dance logjams by moving the milk down further from the bread... THANK YOU!

It was really cool hearing from the two guys from the landscaping team at their Saturday morning workshop this fall. I'm glad the Co-op is a showcase for sustainable landscape design.

As you can see, I have a nice winter break, and found the Co-op's online suggestion box! Lol...

J. B.

A: Thank you for taking time from your vacation to let us know how we’re doing, and where you’d like to see improvements; your feedback is so important. We’re glad you enjoyed Whole System Design’s free patio workshop in September. Sustainability is so beautiful and rewarding, isn’t it? We’re looking forward to this spring, when John & Derek’s hard work will be in full bloom. As for our free wireless, sorry to hear that’s been a frustration. I’m happy to report we’ve been systematically working on a technology overhaul for the past 10 months. Look for improvements this winter—and don’t hesitate to ask our cashiers to reboot the router if the wi-fi isn’t performing. That’s a humble solution that often works. I’m also pleased to report that we’ve replaced those too-hot-to-touch spoons in our hot bar with utensils that have heat-safe handles. We also found that, indeed, we were keeping the hot bar a little too hot. We have adjusted the temperature accordingly. Please visit our hot bar again in the early morning for delicious breakfast options, and keep letting us know what you think!

Lis Harvey, Marketing Manager

Q: Request we carry smaller containers of buttermilk. It’s always more than I need.


A: We used to carry a smaller buttermilk. I will look into it and find out why we do not carry it any longer. Thanks for the suggestion.

Michael Van Berg, Chill Department

Q: Suddenly the oil-cured olives have pits—dangerous to bite down on in a salad or sauce. Cheese staff said 2 times that the order was for pitted (NO PITS) but the order came with incorrect product. It should have been rejected.


A: I'm very sorry you had a bad experience with the oil cured olives that have pits in them. I emailed our rep about them and we will no longer be getting them, usually he sends us those when they are out of the pitted ones. Also just a friendly reminder there are signs on the olive bar stating that some olives do contain pits as well as on the individual olive signs. I also will request new signs for the olive bar so that it will be clear what olives contains pits. Thank you for telling us so we can continue to better our customer service.

Mayra Garibay, Cheese/Olive Buyer

Q: Request we have special order forms at all registers.


A: Currently we have Special Order Forms at each of the drawers at the registers. We also have a stack at the Owner Services kiosk and would be glad to aid in any special ordering that needs to be placed.

Andy Cordova, Front End Manager

Q: I’d like to praise the butcher staff, especially Jim and Sam. They always accommodate my erratic schedule and arrange for me to pick up meats that they gladly custom cut to my specifications. The products are always fresh, tasty, and of exceptional quality. In addition, they are always friendly and remember my name. Best meat counter in Davis!


A: Thank you!

Jim Pavlichek, Meat Manager