March/April 2017

Awesome horchata and molasses cookie lattes. Keith designed the two lattes that we ordered today and he also made them. The drinks were sooooo yummy! Keith was also very friendly and talked to us too.

J. R.

A: Wow, thank you for those kind words! Keith is a first-rate barista and we’re so lucky to get to work with him. I’m personally addicted to his ginger-y Chai recipe, which was in such high demand we started carrying the concentrate in reusable glass jars in our Grab ‘n Go section.

Lis Harvey, Marketing Manager

Q: Not really a problem, I just wish the tri-tip wasn't always SMOKED. I like the availability of tri-tip on Saturdays, but it seems that smoked is the preferred method of preparation for the grill master or kitchen staff, and this is a flavor I prefer only occasionally. Please marinade it & grill it in a "less is more" fashion, or at least offer this option. A couple of years ago, we had an older gentleman who simply marinated & grilled the tri-tip near the front entrance patio. It was a beautifully simple marinade with red wine (or red wine vinegar--can't recall), Worcestershire sauce, maybe rosemary & soy sauce. That tri-tip was "perfection" to me.

L. B.

A: Thank you for your feedback on our new BBQ program. With the program being relatively new, we wanted to have a consistent recipe in which we could accurately execute and train every day. This is not to excuse the option of having a just grilled tri-tip. Therefore, the marinated option will considered in the near future, and if you would like the grilled option at anytime, please do not hesitate to let us know 24hrs in advance and we will have it made and set aside for you.

Thank you for your time, and input.

Bryan Hankins, Deli Manager and Chef

Q: Please look into Tendu wine. Both red and whites are affordable, low alcohol wines with lovely flavors. They are sold in 1 liter bottles with crown cap closures. They are made by Steve Matthiason (Napa) from Yolo County grapes!!


A: Thanks so much for writing. I'm excited you love Matthiason Family wines. I do too and have carried the Tendu white (on the shelf and in the white wine cooler) for the past two vintages. I just brought in the Tendu 2015 red this past winter and it's located in the Distinctive Reds shelf of the Wine aisle. We'll be hosting a free pouring of these wines soon and I'll make sure to shoot you an email when the date is set. We also carry the Linda Vista Chardonnay by Matthiason, as well.

We're terribly sorry about the missing 8oz cans of club soda and have them on order now. They should be back on the shelf by Saturday, April 8! Thank you for letting us know and shopping at the Co-op!

Julie Loke, Wine Buyer and Center Store Manager

Q: Please 'bag' groceries for customers who have brought their own bags. Not doing so has the potential to DISCOURAGE customers from bringing their own bags. It also begs the question, has their been a policy change relinquishing staff from bagging groceries for customers who bring their own bags?


A: Thanks for your suggestion! The way the cashiers are taught is to always ask if the customer would like a bag (if they do not already have one). We then ask them if they would like assistance bagging. A lot of times customers prefer to bag for themselves so we train the cashiers to figure out if they would like help out bagging or not.


Andy Cordova, Front End Manager

Q: We joined today since we were previous whole food shoppers and everyone was absolutely amazing. Even my husband commented how friendly the people were. He hates grocery shopping and I think he will like it a lot better now!!! We had fun tasting the chai you were demo-ing that day and the lady was super sweet. I'm super happy you carry Bread Srsly. Having to eat Gluten Free when your old favorite food was SF Sourdough is sad, and this bread actually tastes like the real thing! I'm also in love with the Siete Tortillas so please keep them.


A: We also started carrying the Siete Grain-Free Tortilla chips (top row, Aisle 6), and they might be the best tortilla chips I’ve ever tasted. Thanks for the great recommendation and the kind words. Welcome to the Co-op, and congratulations on becoming an Owner!

Lis Harvey, Marketing Manager

Q: Please fix the pavement at the entry walkway. I was pushing my cart with 3 gallons of water along with many glass items (olive oil, kombucha, etc.) and the cart caught in the pavement, stopped and flipped over, and I almost fell over with it. It was quite scary, because I'm a pianist and make my living as a musician, and could have easily broken my arm. I would like to commend your excellent employees, Laura & Alex, who took care of everything - comforted me, had someone clean up the mess, reimbursed me for the goods I'd purchased, and even helped me back to my car. I love the co-op and will continue to shop here, but really feel that the rough spot in the pavement needs fixing.

M. B.

A: I am so sorry to hear about your accident, however, glad to hear that our staff was able to attend to your needs. I do have great news, our maintenance man Bruce, paved over that one particular spot, and we are currently in the process of having our entire parking lot re-paved. I want to thank you for taking the time to write a suggestion and hope to see you in the store some time soon.

I'talia McCarthy, Operations Manager

Q: It would be nice to have a chair or two tucked away in corners of the aisles for tired shoppers to sit and rest. I'm not as young as I used to be (and have not been well this year) and I just HAD to find a place to rest this afternoon, after being on my feet for half an hour of intense shopping. I found the Board room eventually, and had a nice chat with a staff member.

They don't have to be expensive chairs, people just need an opportunity to get off their feet and rest for a few minutes. We have water fountains for the young, it would be nice to have something for us who are older and creakier ;)

C. L.

A: Thanks for the great suggestion. We'll look into a few discreetly placed benches or chairs.

Lis Harvey, Marketing Manager

Q: Request that we carry Bubbies pickles, especially the Bread & Butter Chips.

D. S.

A: Thank you for your request! We do already carry the Bubbies Whole Dill Pickles, and we now carry their Bread and Butter Chips. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you and thank you for supporting the Davis Food Co-op!

Katie Bielski, Center Store Buyer

Q: Can cashiers have a way to input a fractional amount of water into the teller & have it
compute a price?

D. S.

A: There is a way for the cashiers to enter water in different fractions. We have buttons and PLU's for them. We have a 1 gallon button, a half gallon button and a 3/4 button and a less than a 1/2 gallon. They have existed for years, and we even added a section for the High Ph Water. I'll make sure all of the cashiers are aware of their existence.

Briza Ramirez, IT Coordinator

Q: How is the decision made at the Davis Food Coop regarding which magazines to carry and display at the checkout area? The reason I ask is that I know of a magazine that I would like to see at the Davis Coop but do not see it. The name of the magazine is “Naked Food”. Please do not let the title dissuade you to think it is frivolous or some joke because of the word “naked”, but it is a serious magazine devoted to promoting the acceptance and knowledge of the benefits of a whole food plant based diet and lifestyle. Here is a link to the website of this magazine:

I believe it would be totally appropriate for the Davis Coop. So I would like to know if the magazine display decision is under the control of management at the Davis Coop or made by some magazine distributor or perhaps some other method. Thanks for your consideration of my question.

M. A.

A: We have ordered "Naked Food," and it will arrive with our next shipment of magazines. Thanks for the suggestion!

Karla Campos, Wellness Buyer

You're Welcome!

Thanks so much for clearing out the area in front of the deli!

J. Y.

Thanks to Vanessa in Supplements. Coming here is truly a "feel good" experience and it made my day! We (hubby and I) have been co-op members in Humboldt since around 2,000 a.d. Love the co-op, leaders in organic and non-GMO. Thank you! Awesome staff. So friendly and helpful. It's always a joy to come here and an oasis of sanity, kindness and great customer service. Member here since about 2011 or 2012. You have an amazing, knowledgeable and courteous staff. Special thanks to Lynn in Cheese, Tino in Deli, cashiers, Ari in Produce, and vitamin/supplement staff.

N. S.

Love the North Star vegan GF bread!

K. L-M.

Thank you for carrying those reusable BPA-free plastic bags called “Evert Fresh,” in the Produce section. They are wonderful, and can be reused many times more than the 8-10 times listed.

L. K.

Thanks for an incredible store!

S. W.

You all do amazing work everyday! I admire how you try to accommodate all our suggestions -- I wonder if members fully appreciate what a gift & resource the Co-Op is when most of us know in our hearts "you can't please everybody." Despite this common knowledge, you all try, everyday!

L. B.

You have a very polite staff!

C. G.

Dear DFC, Each and every time I enter thru the co-op doors, a feeling of well being washes over me. In the last few years the co-op has faced many challenges. As a customer, some of the changes are unfortunate, but, for the most part, the co-op remains the shining jewel of Davis. One of the main features in particular that makes the co-op the best place on earth is the staff. So many dedicated, hard-working, super helpful, very friendly and caring people in every department. The meat dept. has an incredibly fine staff. The front end is the icing on the cake. Produce - such divine humans. The cheese mavens are the bomb. Grocery & bulk have stellar helpers. I love everyone! Thanks for everything.

S. G.

Thanks for carrying organic chicken liver!


Sam from the meat/seafood counter was very helpful! His dedication really made my day. :-) This is why I shop at the co-op - excellent service and excellent people. I love Davis!


I love the people who work for the co-op - always helpful and fun. Keep it up!


In Brief:

We will look into bringing back:

  • Vido's frozen cornmeal Spinach and Garlic pizzas
  • Bufala yogurt
  • Q'corn sausage patties
  • Lisanatti almond mozzarella
  • The grilled hot dogs
  • Hail Mary lemon tart
  • Sadie's sourdough gluten-free bread
  • The “full selection of cheeses on the salad bar (e.g. bleu cheese)”
  • Ginger People ginger juice in small bottles
  • Nacheeze spicy, a vegan cheese dip in jars
  • Choice Classic black tea

So sorry! We were temporarily out of:

  • Choice oolong tea
  • Plantains
  • Ecover Zero Laundry Detergent, unscented
  • Buckwheat Hot Cereal
  • La Brea Whole Grain Bread
  • dry roasted unsalted soy nuts
  • roasted peanut butter stock and roasted peanuts

Request that we carry:

  • Next Organics dark chocolate quinoa
  • Ripple, a non-dairy milk
  • Vegan doughnuts, not in the frozen section, but in the bakery section
  • A second white wine as a patio choice
  • Kite Hill ravioli
  • Mori Nu Organic Silken Tofu and Earth Balance Shortening Sticks
  • Yogi Egyptian Licorice Mint Tea
  • Lilly's Extra Dark chocolate bars
  • Mighty Leaf Organic Mint Melange. This is the best mint yet!
  • Blue Sky Raspberry & Grape Soda
  • Large coconut flakes (not shredded)
  • Super fine blanched almond flour
  • Bubbies relish
  • Vital Farms pasture-raised eggs
  • 16 oz. Kite Hill unsweetened almond milk yogurt
  • 24 oz. Forager unsweetened plain cashewgurt

We already carry:

  • Beyond Burger products (Aisle 4)
  • Kite Hill cream cheese
  • Just Mayo salad dressings and mayonnaise (near yogurt on our Dairy aisle)
  • Organic coconut flakes, on Aisle 3 and also in Bulk!
  • Sugar free almond milk, on Aisle 2
  • One ply toilet paper, like Scott's—try Field Day, on Aisle 2
  • Soyatoo rice whip (dairy free whipped cream), in our refrigerated Dairy section
  • unbleached organic garlic (in Produce—look for the gorgeous purple tint!)
  • Moonshine Trading Co. Bee Pollen, spring and wildflower varieties (refrigerated, next to our Bulk Tofu on Aisle 1)